Thursday, September 16, 2010

I wish...

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I wish that I had something interesting to post here. Or that I had a picture of something to show you.

I wish that I had more time to work around my house and property instead of schoolwork. All. The. Time.

I wish my eyes didn't fly open EVERY SINGLE MORNING AT 2 OR 3 AM!

I wish that someone in my class didn't announce that she still breast feeds her 8 year old son! I am thoroughly disturbed at all the ramifications there!

I wish chocolate chip cookies didn't taste so good and that healthy, diet food did!

I wish that retention of students who aren't interested in doing the work wasn't so important that the rest of us are forced to HANDWRITE and turn in endless assignments instead of spending the time studying in a way that works for us individually.

I hope they don't start pinning paperwork to the back of our shirts like they did when we were in Kindergarten.

I hope that I don't come down with any nasty snot-streaming condition after I have my first clinical at the hospital pediatric ward today. I think the cooties are more virulent at 6:30 AM when I have to start my shift!

I hope that my husband will still love me after the 15th frozen pizza/leftover whatever/make-it-yourself meal or the upteenth time in a week that I NEED to go to sleep at 8 PM.

I hope that Courtney can come down from St Louis for more weekend visits! I love those even if we have to spend part of the time doing homework.

I hope Liz has decided that she misses us and is moving home to be closer to her Mommy!

I hope someone is still out there in the blogosphere. (((((Hello??))))) (((hello??))) (((Is anybody out there??))) ((...out there?))