Monday, February 28, 2011

Storm Warning

As I sit here under YET ANOTHER tornado warning, I thought I'd post pictures from the storm that blew through the other day.

The rain came in violent bursts throughout the day, and blew in directions I didn't think possible! And there went some of the mulch I worked so hard last spring to lay down.

Oh! Here it all is!

The strawberry bed I had just thinned and weeded got torn apart, ripping the hoops out of the soil.

From the house, I couldn't see the row cover, but it was hanging on by one corner.

Luckily, the plastic I put down behind the orchard to kill off grass and weeds for a new bed was still place.

The dogs and I spent time in the storm shelter a couple of times that day. Poor Nick threw up in there during the afternoon session, so I had the pleasure of sitting in a steel box with 2 nervous dogs and vomit! There was lots of howling wind and cracking tree branches. There were two confirmed funnel clouds (tornadoes that don't touch down) just up the road from me. I know we got some wild wind, because there was dirt and leaves stuck to the sides of the house waaaay up high!

During a break in the weather, I took the dogs for a run on the property (well, they ran, I drove the buggy!) There wasn't as much damage as I expected, but part of my newly-smoothed road was rutted again!

Of course I can't fix it until the roads dry out plenty, and I'm not sure when THAT day will come. Tornado watches started again at 1:30 AM and will last until at least 9. I never did bother to sweep up the mulch on the drive and it seems that it wasn't necessary. Today's rain has washed the drive clean again! For the moment, the strawberry bed is still covered and I think I can still see the plastic behind the orchard.

I think I am over this winter!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lilly!!

How did you go from this

to this

in the blink of an eye??

Have a happy, happy day (and come visit your Mother!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I went to St Louis this past weekend to help Courtney move into a new apartment. I am home now with sore muscles in places I didn't know I had muscles, but I think the apartment is a great success.

Courtney didn't have much furniture because she got rid of most of it when she moved from Reno, but what she had was being stored in a friend's basement. So, the queen-sized bed had to be carried upstairs and tied to the back of the pickup truck. Ugh!

The new apartment is on the first floor, with an enclosed patio. The front door is 90 degrees from the building outer door, but so close to it that it was easier to unload stuff over the patio wall and bring it in through the slider door.

Her apartment is older, which means that the dimensions are somewhat more liberal than places they build these days. Check out the huge bedroom closet!

Still, they could have put in more kitchen cabinets on that big blank wall.

But there is a little dining area in the kitchen:

The "theme" here is an Asian/nature vibe and we started out well by finding what I thought was a cool coffee table on clearance for $189. Turns out, it was for the coffee table AND two side tables!! Score!

We shopped, unpacked, and built furniture all weekend long.

The sofa was delivered today (I have no picture to show!) and she picked up the bedside tables as well. I know she will be sorry to see her "redneck chic" tables go!

Courtney and I worked really well together and were very efficient this weekend. Courtney even had time to pop into work and take care of some emails. (See Dad? She DOES have a job! Pay no attention to the casual attire, we were between building sessions!)

I had a great time and loved being part of getting Courtney set up in her new place. And I know she loves it!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm soooo over it!


It can stop snowing every other day.

I want flip-flops and drinks with little umbrellas.

I want running water when I get up in the morning (and hot coffee.)

Thank you, that is all!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


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It has been a long time coming, but I have made the decision to withdraw from the nursing program. My heart isn't in it and I feel it is too critical for your patients not to pursue it whole-heartedly.

So, I am at a crossroads now. One journey has ended, but I'm not sure about the direction of the next. I think I will just take some time off and let everything sort of work itself out.

I spend my days cleaning my house (wipe that shocked look off of your face, Toni! It does happen occasionally!) This part of life has taken a backseat to studying for so very long, I think the dust mastodons have developed glowing eyes that stare at me from behind doors at night. Or maybe paranoia has finally gained the upper hand!

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Either way, I am "wiping the slate clean" so to speak. I am looking forward to starting my little garden seedlings and watching the outside world wake up from this horrendous winter. I may visit St. Louis, if it will ever stop snowing there, I may go to California, or I may just stay home for a while.

Right now, I am enjoying the peace that comes from finally making a difficult decision. I thank all my family and friends for supporting me in this. And don't worry, Marmy! I still know how to put in an "Auntie Morris" (urinary catheter) should you need one!