Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playing with dirt!

The last week or so has brought a variety of weather. We've had plenty of rain and thunder, and I think it snowed one day, but that may have been the previous week. Anyway, there was one day that was absolutely beautiful! Sunshine, soft breezes and the tweeting of birds. So I took the opportunity to transplant some more little seedlings into bigger pots.

I decided to set up on the porch, but first, I brought out the last group of transplants for a little time in the shade and breeze. These are the broccoli, cabbage and celery plants enjoying the "shadeshine."

After shlepping through the mud to Steve the Shed for potting soil and more pots, I turned on the radio to the classical station and started filling pots.

What fun I had playing with the soil, lovingly moving squash, zucchini and cucumber sprouts into bigger digs (get it? "Digs?")

Nick split to do what boy dogs do an a farm (don't ask, don't kiss) but Sassy hung around and brought me Frisbees to throw. I flung one off of the porch and a wind gust carried it quite far into the woods. She dove in after it and ... nothing. I waited, and waited, then went back to my work. I figured she was either still trying to find the toy, off chasing deer, or been swallowed by the "holler" monster. Either way, I had seedlings to attend to.

Sassy eventually showed up, covered in grass and leaves, and panting hard. She plopped the Frisbee down, had a nice long drink of water, and was ready for more. There is no quit in that dog!

I was almost sorry when I ran out of plants that needed repotting. Everyone is back inside under grow lights. I am dying to get them into the garden, but our last frost date isn't until the middle of April, and I don't trust Mother Nature. So my studio will continue to be "plant central" with lights glowing into the night.

Soon, though. Very soon. Till then, I will be picking dirt out from under my nails, and dreaming like every gardener does.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Okay, I've said it

Out loud. Where people can hear me. I'm fifty years old. There.

"Hello, my name is Lisa, and I'm fifty." ("Hi, Lisa!")

Guess I can no longer pretend I'm young anywhere but at heart. But I swore on my Mother's grave (she doesn't have one!) that I would never grow up, so you all are stuck with that.

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We had a lecture a few weeks back in school concerning ageism. The instructor asked us to write on a slip of paper, the age at which we considered a person to be "old." Two students wrote "30". The consensus was between 80 and 85, but a good 1/3 or more of the whippersnappers picked numbers under 60. *Sigh* But I have a new boyfriend at school who guessed me to be 44. His wife has trained him well!

Liz's appointment at the orthopedist went very well. He doesn't see any need to replace her hips now or in the foreseeable future, and we are thrilled with that diagnosis. She's out having an MRI to check on her very-limited cartilage to see if anything needs removing there, but otherwise, she is just to manage the pain and get on with her life.

Liz got a call from her boyfriend Ray last night, to say that he'd been bit at work at the animal clinic. Now bites aren't uncommon in a vet practice, but apparently, this was a 130 pound mastiff who bit him in the face and arm. It wasn't the dog's fault, it was scared and people were trying to put a muzzle on it.

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Poor Ray needed 14 stitches to put his nose back on. I don't know about you, but I think he's going to hurt this morning!!

The weather here isn't what I ordered up for Liz's visit. Cloudy and cold is not the antidote for winter weather that I had hoped for. But we are having fun and she is kicking-back and resting up. I am trying to hide her ticket home, but if she doesn't graduate from college, she won't be able to support me in my old age. Cr*p! According to my fellow students, I'm already am old! Liz had better hurry!

I am also looking forward to May. Not only will Liz graduate, but Courtney is coming home and she was able to get more time off from work to make her visit really count! Originally, we were only going to have a day or so on either side of the trip out to graduation to visit with her. Now I can really snuggle her good!

My seedlings are doing very well. Sorry, no pictures. I had to rig up some grow-lights from chairs to accommodate the now-very-large celery, broccoli, and cabbage plants. They were too tall to stay on the shelves any longer. Must Google when to set them out in the raised beds. This winter has had some odd weather, so I am hesitant to go strictly by the old planting charts.

Guess that is it. I am off to shout my age from the rooftops, thereby guaranteeing my admission to the nursing home or the funny farm. Depends on who catches me first!

Monday, March 15, 2010

It was a very good day!

Hello, my peeps! I hope you had as nice a day yesterday as I did. Yesterday was the Red Letter Day, the day that Not Quite Grown (also known as Liz) came home for her Spring Break. Even though it was gray and rainy, I didn't mind the long drive into town to the airport.

But first, a detour to find something that Stud Muffin had located on a previous trip to the big city.

A Joann's fabric store!! In Memphis! I never knew this was here! I gave up hoping and pestering corporate headquarters long ago.

But now I don't have to drive 150 miles just to wander the aisles and fondle the fabric and squeeze the yarn! And squeeze and fondle I did. The day was perfect.

But that's not all, Bob! After a drive up some streets I haven't been on in 16 years, marveling at what had and hadn't changes. we headed to the airport.

I love our little airport. You can practically park at the front door, there's a Starbuck's, Backyard Burger, and magazine stores, and after a few minutes wait, you get a kid back!!

And then she hugs her Daddy.

And then her Mommy grabs her, buries her face in her hair, and hangs on for dear life. Me, not her. Makes it difficult to walk, but that's where the close parking comes in real handy!

We talked the whole way home, and then the dogs took over the welcoming. Nick was just beside himself with joy, then he was beside Liz, on Liz, under Liz and forgot all about Joy.

Liz recovering from having her nose picked by a dog!

Sassy wouldn't pose. She was much too busy bringing every toy she owns for Liz to throw for her. Nick decided to put his foot feet down and block Sassy's way with his big body. He wants Liz all to himself!

Eventually, everyone settled down and ate a whole pan of homemade macaroni and cheese and watched a movie together.

Yes, it was a perfect day. And yours?? I know it wasn't nearly as good as mine, but go ahead and share anyway!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Break!!

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The weather is beautiful (at least for now) and I have some time. Yes, folks, it's Spring Break!! That glorious beacon of light during the spring semester of school, when students want to drop everything and let loose.

Okay, so I won't be going here,

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and I won't be doing this,

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but I plan on enjoying myself nonetheless!

Of course, since I received my AARP invite my activities will be more sedate, but there will still be some good times.

I plan on playing with mulch, fondling my little seedlings, goofing on the computer, and generally kicking back.

I also plan on catching up with all the reading I am behind on for school. It's actually a good plan since I have my next exam right after break ends. On my birthday. You know, the big 5-0. It should be one of the privileges of the elderly NOT to have an exam on the day they lose their youth! Maybe I will speak to the school about that. And hit them with my cane.

And when this week is all over, I will have my baby daughter in hand to cuddle and admonish for growing up too soon. Then we will go out to lunch.

Do I know how to par-tay or what?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Now, that's just mean!!

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As I hopped back in the car after retrieving the mail, I told Stud Muffin that AARP had sent yet another invitation for him to join them in their celebrations of retired life.

Imagine my horror when I then noticed that the envelope was addressed to ...(*gasp*)... me!! WTF?? Such a slap in my still-youthful face! Yes, yes, I admit that I am about to turn the big 5-0 in a couple of weeks, but sheesh!

They might as well have slapped me into a Depends and bolted a horn to my walker! I feel my spine curling as we speak, and BTW, what did you say?? I need to turn up the volume on my hearing aids.

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Guess it is time to hang up my g-string and give up my dream of pole-dancing as a career choice. Better stock up on Metamucil and denture adhesive. Maybe I should ask if the nursing school gives a discount on tuition for the aged and infirm.

And speaking of nursing school, (did you notice how adeptly I segued into this topic? Still sharp as a tack!) Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, nursing school. I got a 96% on my last exam and passed the dreaded Dosage Calculation test with a 95%. Guess I can stay on another week.

We have made it to the half way mark of this first semester. We are now learning how to give injections (here, kitty, kitty) and to formulate nursing diagnoses. Bet you didn't know that nurses did their own diagnoses, did ya? All about patient goals and the nursing interventions that will help them get there. As I reflected on my current situation (you know us old folk, always reflecting), I devised a diagnosis of my life at the moment. It goes something like this:

"Impaired Life Balance related to nursing school attendance, secondary to advanced education pursuit, as manifested by shortened sleep cycle, excessive nocturnal studying, uncontrolled accumulation of school work, delusions of clinical competence, inadequate social participation, and increased spousal and housekeeping neglect."

But Spring Break is coming up, and I have big plans. Naps, a little gardening if the weather cooperates, and listening to some favorite bands from my era, like the Boobie Brothers, Grateful-I'm-Not-Dead and Crosby, Still, Nash, and Not-So-Young!

Got to run. Well, maybe shuffle is more like it!