Monday, March 15, 2010

It was a very good day!

Hello, my peeps! I hope you had as nice a day yesterday as I did. Yesterday was the Red Letter Day, the day that Not Quite Grown (also known as Liz) came home for her Spring Break. Even though it was gray and rainy, I didn't mind the long drive into town to the airport.

But first, a detour to find something that Stud Muffin had located on a previous trip to the big city.

A Joann's fabric store!! In Memphis! I never knew this was here! I gave up hoping and pestering corporate headquarters long ago.

But now I don't have to drive 150 miles just to wander the aisles and fondle the fabric and squeeze the yarn! And squeeze and fondle I did. The day was perfect.

But that's not all, Bob! After a drive up some streets I haven't been on in 16 years, marveling at what had and hadn't changes. we headed to the airport.

I love our little airport. You can practically park at the front door, there's a Starbuck's, Backyard Burger, and magazine stores, and after a few minutes wait, you get a kid back!!

And then she hugs her Daddy.

And then her Mommy grabs her, buries her face in her hair, and hangs on for dear life. Me, not her. Makes it difficult to walk, but that's where the close parking comes in real handy!

We talked the whole way home, and then the dogs took over the welcoming. Nick was just beside himself with joy, then he was beside Liz, on Liz, under Liz and forgot all about Joy.

Liz recovering from having her nose picked by a dog!

Sassy wouldn't pose. She was much too busy bringing every toy she owns for Liz to throw for her. Nick decided to put his foot feet down and block Sassy's way with his big body. He wants Liz all to himself!

Eventually, everyone settled down and ate a whole pan of homemade macaroni and cheese and watched a movie together.

Yes, it was a perfect day. And yours?? I know it wasn't nearly as good as mine, but go ahead and share anyway!


MarmiteToasty said...

(((((((((((Lisa))))))))))) dam its been yonks...... oh how I have missed everyone.....

The shop looks WONDERFUL.... I would be in there for hours...... :) touching and stealing LOL

Yesterday here was muvvers day, and our clocks didnt go forward either...... you doodles really ought to catch up with us and tow the line :)

glad ya girl is home for a school break.

missed ya and love ya..


Anonymous said...

MIL and Grammy here--how wonderful to have such a lovely day AND the most adorable, favorite. youngest grand daughter home!!!!!!!! Wish I was there to give all of you hugs! (yes, you too Nick and Sassy) (so VERY good to hear from our dear lady Marmite Toasty again-if Lilly being home brought her out whopee!!!!!!!!!!)

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, what a happy day! Glad it was a good one for ya...

And just to make ya jealous?? I have THREE Joann Fabric stores within an hour's drive of my house.

Just thought you'd like to know... :P ;)

Celticspirit said...

Yayyyy for your daughter being home! It must be wonderful for y'all.

I don't know if I have a Joannes around here but you can bet I'll be looking. I'd love to have one of those stores. I could shop there for hours.

Thomas said...

I'm secretly addicted to JoAnn Fabric's...SSSHHHH....don't tell anyone! hahaha.