Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playing with dirt!

The last week or so has brought a variety of weather. We've had plenty of rain and thunder, and I think it snowed one day, but that may have been the previous week. Anyway, there was one day that was absolutely beautiful! Sunshine, soft breezes and the tweeting of birds. So I took the opportunity to transplant some more little seedlings into bigger pots.

I decided to set up on the porch, but first, I brought out the last group of transplants for a little time in the shade and breeze. These are the broccoli, cabbage and celery plants enjoying the "shadeshine."

After shlepping through the mud to Steve the Shed for potting soil and more pots, I turned on the radio to the classical station and started filling pots.

What fun I had playing with the soil, lovingly moving squash, zucchini and cucumber sprouts into bigger digs (get it? "Digs?")

Nick split to do what boy dogs do an a farm (don't ask, don't kiss) but Sassy hung around and brought me Frisbees to throw. I flung one off of the porch and a wind gust carried it quite far into the woods. She dove in after it and ... nothing. I waited, and waited, then went back to my work. I figured she was either still trying to find the toy, off chasing deer, or been swallowed by the "holler" monster. Either way, I had seedlings to attend to.

Sassy eventually showed up, covered in grass and leaves, and panting hard. She plopped the Frisbee down, had a nice long drink of water, and was ready for more. There is no quit in that dog!

I was almost sorry when I ran out of plants that needed repotting. Everyone is back inside under grow lights. I am dying to get them into the garden, but our last frost date isn't until the middle of April, and I don't trust Mother Nature. So my studio will continue to be "plant central" with lights glowing into the night.

Soon, though. Very soon. Till then, I will be picking dirt out from under my nails, and dreaming like every gardener does.


Liz said...

That sounds like a very enjoyable way to spend the day! I hope that your seedlings are doing well :) I love you!

Cheryl said...

My first daffodil sprung in the indoor greenhouse today! I had to turn it to open towards the sliding glass doors because the cats keep dragging out my plants looking for their cat grass which is way up high...


Lisa said...

Liz~ Thanks baby! I think I only lost one transplant this time.

Cheryl~ I have a vision of your cats as gardeners... complete with little gloves and trowels!

MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVE tranferring seedlings into bigger pots......... LOL@Digs... I use to love that job when I had the nursery, I was as happy as a sand boy doing it all day.....

Proper spring is almost here, its a very wet wet week here though..

Oh and bloody Janet has pecked all but one of me perrenials, we only managed to save one little delphiniums he chomped all the hollyhocks and other delphinuims and everything else with a green shoot....... bloody dam beautiful darling chicken lol


Courtney said...

Umm, mother... it's been a very long time since you posted your next update. And since I haven't talked to you in awhile (even though I called the other day and everything), I would like an update just to let me know you're alive. Thank you very much. Have a nice day!