Thursday, April 8, 2010

To update my daughter...

Dear Courtney,

Thank you for your kind words of concern. I am indeed still alive (contain your disappointment, please!) Since my last post, the following has occurred, in no particular order:

1. The seedlings are still on the porch hardening off. Well, I think they are pretty hard right now, but haven't had the time to plant them out in the beds.

2. Turned on the vegetable bed sprinkler system to find that two riser/valve/spray head assemblies had cracked in the winter weather. This in spite of closing and draining the system for the winter.

3. Tried to fire up the garden tiller for the first time this season. Won't start. Yanked manual starter until my arm hurt. Pushed, shoved, and cajoled tiller back into the shed.

4. Replaced dull chain on chain saw. Cleaned endless oily sawdust out of crevices on saw. Attempted to diagnose source of bar oil leak. Failed at diagnosis. Put chain saw on newspaper to prevent oil leak from staining concrete.

5. Acquired replacement sprinkler parts, in between registering for summer and fall classes and returning to school for lab.

6. Cut off and reassembled sprinkler system (gluing two fingers together), only to find another crack, requiring more parts. The dogs drove me to Simmons Lumber for more parts even before Dad woke up for the day.

7. Installed more sprinkler parts. Let dry, tested system. Applied more plumber's tape to leaking spray heads.

8. Watered strawberries for the first time this season. Sprayed the fruit trees with sulfur to prevent brown rot on fruit.

9. Attended lecture, lab and clinicals since my last post. Got sprayed full in the face by nursing home resident who wanted to rinse off by herself during shower. Continued clinical day with dripping hair and wet uniform.

10. Wrote questionable paper on useless article due the day of exam.

11. Studied my a$$ off for exam yesterday. Passed exam okay, but not with the grade I wanted (or thought I deserved.)

12. Provided quicky meals from limited menu, including frozen pizza and frozen chicken piccata, for Dad and myself.

13. Washed dogs, including one swamp- and sand-covered Nick, out in yard. Watched Sassy roll in grass to get shampoo smell off and put "good" bug and dirt smell back on.

14. Determined that the generator still not maintaining battery power. Worked with Dad to test system, then listened while Dad "discussed" with generator expert as to what was wrong and how to fix it. Got bit by bugs standing by generator in sandals.

15. Suffered through a couple of nights of bad, loud, sleep-disturbing weather, forced to listen to squawking emergency radio.

16. Enjoyed sunshine (see previous post), fresh air, cool breezes and opened windows for most of the week.

17. Watched Dad stub his baby toe on the sofa leg. Toe broken, Dad limping. Toe better now.

18. Missed a call from you. Was in school. Again. Talked to your sister lots (she calls more frequently!)

19. Participated with at least half a mind to general activities of daily living.

20. Wrote this post.

So there you go. My top 20 things since my last post. Your turn. What's up in your world?

As always, it was a pleasure to hear from you. My best to you and yours.




Cheryl said...

I love #9!!!


barefoot gardener said...

OMG! #9 brought back so many memories of my years in senior care! I learned several lessons:
-Never wear a white top
-Ponytails are your friend
-Don't bother with makeup
-Shower rooms are hot, make sure to wear layers
-Shower room floors are slippery; it is better to use many towels and have laundry gals yell at you than end up on your a$$
-Last but not least.... there is NOTHING about the human body that can surprise me anymore!!!!

Liz said...

Haha! I call more :)