Thursday, July 4, 2013


(A picture-less post, cuz I was too busy/tired to take any!)

Okay.  it's time to come clean about a secret.  A big secret.  A secret kept 3 long years.  And my Mama always told me that the truth shall set you free.  From what, I will never know.

So here it is:  Stud Muffin has been working a job in California for the last (almost) 3 years.  And I have been holding down the farm with only the help of my canine companions, with a visit from my husband once or twice a year.  But that is all over now.

Stud Muffin is home for good!! 

The back story to this is that he accepted a job that was to take only 2-3 months, but would pay very well.  The months kept getting extended and here we are 2 years and 8 months later.

So, he has been driving himself and a carload of stuff back from California for the last few days and I have been madly turfing/organizing/cleaning the house, shop and garage.  I've been trying to make the place pretty and tidy up all my building and crafting supplies. Not an easy task after you have junked up the place for 3 years refinishing furniture and building oddities.

But it is what it is, and I at least made room in the garage for his car!  LOL

Stud Muffin (otherwise known as Bill) pulled into the drive about 3 PM yesterday, and about two hours later, Liz and Tim arrived...with a 20 foot UHaul truck.

See, on the very day that Bill returned, Liz and Tim were packing up the truck to move to Texas!  The kids were able to spend the night and visit with Bill before heading out today for the big journey. Told you there were changes going on!

Phew!  I'm glad I got this big secret off my chest.  Now I don't have to try and remember who knows and who doesn't.  At my advanced age, it's hard enough to remember what I had for breakfast, let alone something of that importance.

So, if anyone had plans to come rob the house because I was living alone on my 200 missed your chance!