Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcoming in the New Year!

In anticipation of the New Year, I've made some changes.  Starting with my blog template, which had remained the same since...forever!  Don't know how long I'll keep the pink, but it was nice to make a change.

I also spent all day a few hours at LaVon's, reworking my booth.  I tend to think in themes, and had been collecting items for a red, white, and aqua kitchen display.  After pulling down the Christmas decorations the other day, I knew it was time to put the kitchen plan into action.

This is the "before."

And the other side.

Of course, first I had to pull almost everything out and start again.  I worked to find a spot for the yellow table, and as I picked it up to move it, noticed the "Sold" sign on it! 

Never mind finding it a new spot!  So, I'd move and set things, step back and decide to move them someplace else.  This went on for some time.

I moved the round table to the center of the back wall and made the kitchen display there.  I think it came out pretty good!

I think the star of the display is the bread box I painted with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Tricycle Red that I got from Petticoat Junktion.  Before I figured out what to do with this bread box, I got carried away priming it and sprayed the inside with primer. Then I realized that maybe people wouldn't want to put food inside of a freshly painted piece.  It spent the rest of the summer in the garage, until inspiration hit!

The box doesn't HAVE to be used for bread, it could be used to store/display condiments on a table or any other thing.  So, I decoupaged some pages from a vintage recipe magazine that had red accents in it to the inside.

On the outside, the original white ceramic knob and raised plaque were replaced.  Thank goodness I thought to keep them "just in case!"  I could have just as easily thrown them out!

The display has a variety of kitchenware, cups, canisters and bowls in my favorite color combination.  I hope the customers find it refreshing too!

The rest of the merchandise was rearranged as well.  I have to pay attention to the large window in my booth.  As much as the natural light is wonderful, I cannot put anything that might fade near it.  That includes upholstered furniture, lampshades or paper items.  The price tags on the things that have been in the window have bleached out already!  So it took some time to accommodate everything while protecting items from the sun.

The last two wieners are hiding under the stenciled table.  The footstools are now on top of the wooden ironing board.

"Cheryl's" red Asian table (so named because she is trying to convince me to mail it to her!) stand on one of LaVon's oak side tables that really needs a white paint job.  The blue accent table sits on the matching oak table.

Items were moved around on the bookcase, and the blue record table took up residence in front of the window.

Not much changed on the vanity, except I moved the lamp there after selling the original lamp that started out on the vanity.

I am now ready (okay, not really!) for the start of a new year.  It will probably take me until March before I remember to write 2013 instead of 2012, but someday it will become automatic.  I am hoping for a good year at LaVon's, and have a bunch of ideas rolling around in my otherwise empty head.

Here's to 2013!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas morning!

So, November and December disappeared into the chaos that is my garage/workshop.  I've been doing well at my shop booth, selling things faster than I can make replacements!  A good problem to have, for sure!

I also spent time making Christmas gifts, but of course, I didn't remember to take pictures of them all.  

Liz wanted a sign for over her bathroom door.

Courtney wanted a green stool for her kitchen, so I painted one I got at a garage sale this summer and stenciled a koi fish on the top.

This Goodwill vase was in perfect, if dirty, shape but the white color was a bit too ghostly for me.

I painted it jade with gold accents and added silk greenery and twirly twigs.  This was for Courtney.

I found a vintage "crystalette" chandelier kit at LaVon's and immediately knew it could be turned into a great floor lamp for Liz's guest room.  She currently has a multi-arm lamp that clashes with the shabby feel.

As a last minute gift, I made each girl and their guy a photo canvas.

It was great to have everyone here for Christmas.  I think the last time the whole family was together for a holiday was about 6 years ago!  As the girls get older, their lives are likely to take them far enough away to make these celebrations impossible.  They came with their boyfriends and we had such a blast!  Food, laughs, movies and gifts...what's not to like??

 Courtney and Liz

Liz's boyfriend, Tim trying to hide.

Courtney's boyfriend, Clint toasting with orange juice.
The morning started with cinnamon rolls and stockings.  This was apparently the "electronics" Christmas.  Courtney got a much needed new computer.

Tim got a Garmin GPS so he won't get lost driving Liz around!

Liz got a new iPhone, since she's been using my old one.

Clint gave Courtney an XBox...

and she gave him a watch that he wanted. 

That got her a thank-you smooch!

Courtney made Liz fleece pants with Tim's alma mater name and colors. 

 Like the trash bag on the table?

Once the elastic was adjusted for Liz's tiny waist, she had a tail! And she played with that tail all day!

Clint REALLY wanted the complete set of James Bond movies on Blu-ray, and he wasn't disappointed!

 After the gift opening, it was time for fried egg sandwiches and quiet time to enjoy the gifts.

The rest of the day consisted of multiple James Bond movies, steak and baked potato dinner, and then more movies.  Snow started falling after dark, which kept Liz and Tim from leaving until this morning.  Tim was supposed to work this morning, but was able to go in after lunch instead.  Courtney and Clint left this morning as well, but not without some foot-stomping and whining about how they didn't want to leave.

I think everyone had a good time.  At least, I sure did, and we know that's all that really matters!  Hope you had as good a Christmas as we did!