Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas morning!

So, November and December disappeared into the chaos that is my garage/workshop.  I've been doing well at my shop booth, selling things faster than I can make replacements!  A good problem to have, for sure!

I also spent time making Christmas gifts, but of course, I didn't remember to take pictures of them all.  

Liz wanted a sign for over her bathroom door.

Courtney wanted a green stool for her kitchen, so I painted one I got at a garage sale this summer and stenciled a koi fish on the top.

This Goodwill vase was in perfect, if dirty, shape but the white color was a bit too ghostly for me.

I painted it jade with gold accents and added silk greenery and twirly twigs.  This was for Courtney.

I found a vintage "crystalette" chandelier kit at LaVon's and immediately knew it could be turned into a great floor lamp for Liz's guest room.  She currently has a multi-arm lamp that clashes with the shabby feel.

As a last minute gift, I made each girl and their guy a photo canvas.

It was great to have everyone here for Christmas.  I think the last time the whole family was together for a holiday was about 6 years ago!  As the girls get older, their lives are likely to take them far enough away to make these celebrations impossible.  They came with their boyfriends and we had such a blast!  Food, laughs, movies and gifts...what's not to like??

 Courtney and Liz

Liz's boyfriend, Tim trying to hide.

Courtney's boyfriend, Clint toasting with orange juice.
The morning started with cinnamon rolls and stockings.  This was apparently the "electronics" Christmas.  Courtney got a much needed new computer.

Tim got a Garmin GPS so he won't get lost driving Liz around!

Liz got a new iPhone, since she's been using my old one.

Clint gave Courtney an XBox...

and she gave him a watch that he wanted. 

That got her a thank-you smooch!

Courtney made Liz fleece pants with Tim's alma mater name and colors. 

 Like the trash bag on the table?

Once the elastic was adjusted for Liz's tiny waist, she had a tail! And she played with that tail all day!

Clint REALLY wanted the complete set of James Bond movies on Blu-ray, and he wasn't disappointed!

 After the gift opening, it was time for fried egg sandwiches and quiet time to enjoy the gifts.

The rest of the day consisted of multiple James Bond movies, steak and baked potato dinner, and then more movies.  Snow started falling after dark, which kept Liz and Tim from leaving until this morning.  Tim was supposed to work this morning, but was able to go in after lunch instead.  Courtney and Clint left this morning as well, but not without some foot-stomping and whining about how they didn't want to leave.

I think everyone had a good time.  At least, I sure did, and we know that's all that really matters!  Hope you had as good a Christmas as we did!


Cheryl said...

Yeah a blog post...Has anyone bought MY red asian table?


Court said...

I look very squinty-eyed in my photos, Mother! What do you know about this???

Lisa said...

No, Cheryl. Your table is still there!

Court ~ I guess your smile just takes over your whole face!