Saturday, February 18, 2012

Signs that Spring may come once again

1. The dogs are full of hell and enjoy racing around the yard and stealing each others toys.



2. Pink blossoms on the peach trees.

3. Daffodils setting blooms by Steve the Shed.

4.  Dripping, itchy eyes.  Of course, that could also mean my house is dustier than I'm willing to admit!

5. I need a spray tan, cuz I'm scaring myself and the neighbors! See above photo.

6.  Garlic shoots.

7.  I think the strawberry plants died, but the weeds are looking fantastic. Let's hear it for fall fertilizing!

8.  The soil level in the raised beds has sunk to a new low.  Might have to buy a truckload of planter's mix to fill them back up.

9 & 10. I can't think of the last two. I took some antihistamines for my eyes and now I cant think straight. See number 4.

I figure we're still in for some horrible spring weather, but for now, I'll enjoy the signs that time is marching on towards warmer temperatures.