Friday, March 27, 2009

The repairman did it!

Once again, I dropped off of the face of the internet, but this time it wasn't my fault!! I swear!

For over 2 months now we have been suffering with seriously slow internet connection times. Out here in the boonies, our only option is satellite, and heaven forbid the clouds should come in or it should rain or snow, 'cuz then we run slower than a dial-up connection. Using two tin cans and a really long string!

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Anyway, Stud Muffin has been working with our provider to figure out the problem and has been running diagnostic tests multiple times a day for weeks, just so they could see what kind of download and upload speeds we have. First "they" said it was their satellite, which they weren't going to fix for a while. Once they got around to it, they said it was a broken part on our satellite dish. They sent The Repairman.

He came, he stayed and worked for 3 hours, he left. We had internet, although not much faster, for about 14 hours. Then... we had NO internet at all!

More phone calls to a troubleshooting guy who is probably in India. He was very helpful but, after Studly read all the error codes to him, determined that another visit from The Repairman was necessary. At first we were told that we would hear from the repair outfit in 3 to 5 days, but after Studly showed this guy the error of this thinking, we got the local phone number and called for the appointment ourselves.

So again he came, he worked, he sighed, and then he fixed. The part he was sent to fix the dish with the first time was defective. So he got to do it all over again. Let's say a prayer that this service last longer than 14 hours. I assure you that it isn't a pretty picture around the 'ole homestead when the internet is out!

In other (irritating) news, I got my Visa bill today. My last payment to them was a whopping $1.74, but they sure took their time posting it to my account. So they felt justified in charging me $1.50 in finance charges. But the real shock was the $29.00 late payment fee they tacked on to it!!

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I called and they, too, saw the error in their thinking and reversed the charges and now I wouldn't have to shred my credit card and send it back like the last time I got screwed by a credit card company. Peace reigns in the kingdom!

Here's something pretty to look at. My first harvest of spring lettuces that I picked the other day and have enjoyed in a couple of salads. Yummy!

It's been raining for the last day or so, and everything is very muddy. But the vegetable garden is loving it and the peas and beans are starting to poke their tasty little heads out of the soil. Good days are coming, folks!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hello?? {*Tap, Tap, Tap*} Is this thing on? Is anybody still out there? If so, you must not have any life at all to still be poking around this dusty blog!

Sorry I've been gone so long. I guess there just isn't much to talk about. Life goes on same as always.

There is still school of course. Marmite Toasty has a post up about going back to school, and in it, she shows her binder that will be filled with papers at the end of her term. Everyone is going to be sorry for her/impressed by the boat-load of work she has. I should mention that she is cramming 2 years of schooling into 9 months, but then we all know she's crazy!

So, I thought I would show my Anatomy binder. This currently holds the first 6 chapters of work. I have 6 more chapters to go before the beginning of May.

It's bigger than the text book!!

What's that I hear?? Sounds of everyone being really impressed by all this edjumacation stuff? Thanks everyone!

Okay, so I am still studying like a madwoman. And despite my best efforts with the vacuum and broom, the dust buffaloes still rein supreme in the house. I did organize the pantries like I said I would.

I got the cabbages and broccoli planted in the raised bed and am tending to my little seedlings in the studio. Last year, I went overboard with the seedlings,

so this year I was much more conservative in the number of plants started.

Now, I'm worried that if some of them don't sprout/survive, I might not have enough. I think I might start another round just to be sure!

Stud Muffin made a wonderful birthday for me on Tuesday (Psst. I turned 21! Again!) While I was at school, he went out and got me what is technically a propane-fueled turkey fryer/steamer setup. We had seen it at Sam's Club and I realized that it was the perfect thing to set up to do canning on the porch this summer. Keeps the heat out of the house!

He also brought home a rotisserie chicken and a beautiful cheesecake! I would show you the cheesecake, but then you'd all know that I've eaten half of it since Tuesday night! Thanks, Sweetie! It was a great birthday and ignore what my sisters say, I'm not 50 yet!!

Well, that's the news from here. The weather is starting to get nice enough to work outside. I found a leak in the raised bed sprinkler system, so I get to make repairs again, just like last year. Hope your spring is shaping up nicely!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Out with a whimper

It's hard to hold your head up in the driving rain!

My spring break, that is. Only time will tell how the month of March decides to leave us! I had great plans. Honest.

I was going to be productive. I was going to be creative. I was going to be homemakerly (that's a word!) and organized. What I was NOT going to be was useless slug of human flesh, pinballing her way through the day, getting virtually nothing (useful) done.

But that is exactly what happened!

I never threw my studio doors open to the spring sunshine, cranked up the music and spent the day sewing something fun. Of course, that plan was torpedoed by the decided lack of sunshine.

I did organize one pantry but not the other (maybe today??) I thoroughly cleaned the bathroom, including mopping it. AND wet dusted the bedroom! (Get MIL the smelling salts!) I did try a few new recipes, and while none were awful, none were stellar either.

I got a bit of homework done so I will be ready for class next week. I studied the 206 bones in the human body, pretty much know where they are and what the articulate to (fancy science word for connect.) I am rather bored with my next paper on the history of magnetism.

And while we avoided the predicted ice storm the other day, it has rained and been very cold for days. I planted potatoes in banana boxes, but I forgot to put on their swimmies, so I hope they don't drown!

I bought more metal ring parts to surround the fruit trees. I starting installing them, but the ground was too hard. If I were a real woman, I would be out there in the cold driving rain, pounding them in. I am not a real woman!

I started seeds indoors. The broccoli and cabbages look okay, but it may already be too late to get them in the garden and have them develop anything.

The rest are looking a bit sad and slow to wake up. They don't like the weather either, even with heating pads under them. but they still have time.

I will say that I excelled at 2 PC games and am working on a third. Impressive, no? Guess my brain needed some different stimulation, but what I really need is some sunshine and gentle breezes. Like now!! But the only way I'm going to get any is while peering at it through the schoolroom window.

Bring out the sunshine and my mood will brighten too! I promise!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At home science experiment

Even though I am on Spring Break from school, I wanted to share an earth shattering, real life application of a science principle that I was tortured with recently. Specifically, Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, something I'm sure all of you can quote chapter and verse.

Okay, Isaac Newton, very dead scientist of the falling apple fame, proposed the following law:

Every object in the universe is attracted to every other object with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distances between them.

If you want to calculate this force (you know you do!) this is the formula:

Everyone following so far?? Aren't you happy that you didn't have to do all the friggin calculations this thing requires?? So, why am I sharing the pain of this law?

Here is my "ah ha" moment:

I have now proved this theory in my own home. Specifically, if there is even one cup, dish, plate or utensil in or near the kitchen sink, other dirty items start to pile up nearby.

Without fail.

Even if the dishwasher is in the process of being loaded.

Even if I am the only person in the house at the time. I would say it is magic, but Newton figured it all out eons ago.

This same law applies to dirty clothes on the floor, mail that needs attention, and most definitely, to dust bunnies.

I'm sure if you look around your own homes, you could find more example of this reality. Guess that's why it's called a "universal" law, huh?

Just wanted you to see that I can actually apply my new education to real life! My science professor would be so proud! Money well spent, don't you think?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just for Sara

You should read the comments Sara, The Barefoot Gardener left on my last post. Begging shamefully for more pictures of flowers! It was pitiful actually.

But since she is still sloughing through the snow, with only the pompom on the top of her little head visible, I have to take pity on her. Well, not that much because she lives in Minnesota or some such frozen wasteland. But, anyway, these spring pictures are for her.

Pay no attention to the crispy vines hanging from the window boxes! The flowers are pretty anyway.

Pear and peach blossoms:

It's amazing what just a few days of warmer weather can do for making the flowers *POP*

Even some lettuces and spinach in the veggie bed!

So, Sara, I hope you've enjoyed this small peek into the future. You can't stay frozen up there forever. But if you ever get tired of it, the flowers are blooming in the south!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Seven signs that spring is coming!!

Sorry about the crappy photos. Today is warm but very cloudy.

1) Starting seeds in little peat pots.

2) Blossoms on the pear and peach trees.

New leaves!!

3) Planting peas in the raised beds. No pictures, not much to see but dirt!

4) Daffodils coming up in front of Steve the Shed.

5) It may be time to mow the straw bale insulation!

6) Pink painted toenails in anticipation of sandal wearing.

7) Kicking back on my first day of Spring Break from school. And no, I won't be going to Florida to get drunk with the frat boys!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In like a lion...

I tried to post this last night, but the pictures wouldn't upload. And a post without pictures... is only words!

Doesn't the lion know he lives in a hot and steamy jungle?? It's March 1st people!!

It started snowing last evening and didn't stop until the sun came up again.

We lost power on and off all night. Every time the power came back on, all the overhead lights in the ceiling fans came on throughout the house. This woke the dogs and me up and we made the rounds to turn everything off again.

The snow blew all night too. It stuck to the walls, and blew in my face as I tried to get the dogs to "do their thing."

Since I was up playing with the light switches anyway, I thought I would log on, but no internet. Our satellite dish was buried in snow too! In the morning, I stomped out to it, wearing mud boots and Studly's thick bathrobe, to uncovering.

The dogs thought it was pretty neat stuff. A bit deep for Sassy's taste, and no matter what she did, there was no way to walk without putting her feet into the stuff!

We played a bit, me throwing the toy, it landing with a "Whoomp" and disappearing under the snow. The dogs would jump on it and dance around a bit, but couldn't locate that dang toy. So, I had to stomp out into the snow to find it, throw it, and start all over again. I got tired of the game rather soon!

Since Blogger wouldn't let me post pictures last night (or this morning), I took another look around. Do you see anything wrong with this scenario?

How about now?

Would you all say a little prayer for my shrubs which will be crushed by this tidal wave of snow curling off of the roof?

I hope March leaves like a lamb, or I'm going to feel totally cheated!