Friday, March 27, 2009

The repairman did it!

Once again, I dropped off of the face of the internet, but this time it wasn't my fault!! I swear!

For over 2 months now we have been suffering with seriously slow internet connection times. Out here in the boonies, our only option is satellite, and heaven forbid the clouds should come in or it should rain or snow, 'cuz then we run slower than a dial-up connection. Using two tin cans and a really long string!

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Anyway, Stud Muffin has been working with our provider to figure out the problem and has been running diagnostic tests multiple times a day for weeks, just so they could see what kind of download and upload speeds we have. First "they" said it was their satellite, which they weren't going to fix for a while. Once they got around to it, they said it was a broken part on our satellite dish. They sent The Repairman.

He came, he stayed and worked for 3 hours, he left. We had internet, although not much faster, for about 14 hours. Then... we had NO internet at all!

More phone calls to a troubleshooting guy who is probably in India. He was very helpful but, after Studly read all the error codes to him, determined that another visit from The Repairman was necessary. At first we were told that we would hear from the repair outfit in 3 to 5 days, but after Studly showed this guy the error of this thinking, we got the local phone number and called for the appointment ourselves.

So again he came, he worked, he sighed, and then he fixed. The part he was sent to fix the dish with the first time was defective. So he got to do it all over again. Let's say a prayer that this service last longer than 14 hours. I assure you that it isn't a pretty picture around the 'ole homestead when the internet is out!

In other (irritating) news, I got my Visa bill today. My last payment to them was a whopping $1.74, but they sure took their time posting it to my account. So they felt justified in charging me $1.50 in finance charges. But the real shock was the $29.00 late payment fee they tacked on to it!!

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I called and they, too, saw the error in their thinking and reversed the charges and now I wouldn't have to shred my credit card and send it back like the last time I got screwed by a credit card company. Peace reigns in the kingdom!

Here's something pretty to look at. My first harvest of spring lettuces that I picked the other day and have enjoyed in a couple of salads. Yummy!

It's been raining for the last day or so, and everything is very muddy. But the vegetable garden is loving it and the peas and beans are starting to poke their tasty little heads out of the soil. Good days are coming, folks!


MarmiteToasty said...

Hamsters, thats how I run our internet connection :) a herd of dam hamsters, its called being self sufficient lol

and oh my look at those lettuces... all fresh and young and scrummie...

I LOVE it when 'people' with a little persuading find the errors of their ways :)

Its been raining buckets here today to.....

Happy Friday evening...


Anonymous said...

We got 18" of snow Thursday...Had to drive home in a "white out" where you could only see about 30 feet ahead. Many cars abandoned on the side of the road.

My bank credited me $700 by accident when their bill payment website was malfunctioning. When they corrected it they just erased the problem so no *real* accounting of their math!


Celticspirit said...

Having no internet or crappy internet sucks. We've had slow internet for the past year but no more!

Your salad greens look delicious.

A herd of hampsters!That's a riot.

Lisa said...

You know, Marmy, I used to run my internet with leetle micies, but they got a wild hair to go live in across the pond in a Fribble glass! Never heard from them again!