Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hello?? {*Tap, Tap, Tap*} Is this thing on? Is anybody still out there? If so, you must not have any life at all to still be poking around this dusty blog!

Sorry I've been gone so long. I guess there just isn't much to talk about. Life goes on same as always.

There is still school of course. Marmite Toasty has a post up about going back to school, and in it, she shows her binder that will be filled with papers at the end of her term. Everyone is going to be sorry for her/impressed by the boat-load of work she has. I should mention that she is cramming 2 years of schooling into 9 months, but then we all know she's crazy!

So, I thought I would show my Anatomy binder. This currently holds the first 6 chapters of work. I have 6 more chapters to go before the beginning of May.

It's bigger than the text book!!

What's that I hear?? Sounds of everyone being really impressed by all this edjumacation stuff? Thanks everyone!

Okay, so I am still studying like a madwoman. And despite my best efforts with the vacuum and broom, the dust buffaloes still rein supreme in the house. I did organize the pantries like I said I would.

I got the cabbages and broccoli planted in the raised bed and am tending to my little seedlings in the studio. Last year, I went overboard with the seedlings,

so this year I was much more conservative in the number of plants started.

Now, I'm worried that if some of them don't sprout/survive, I might not have enough. I think I might start another round just to be sure!

Stud Muffin made a wonderful birthday for me on Tuesday (Psst. I turned 21! Again!) While I was at school, he went out and got me what is technically a propane-fueled turkey fryer/steamer setup. We had seen it at Sam's Club and I realized that it was the perfect thing to set up to do canning on the porch this summer. Keeps the heat out of the house!

He also brought home a rotisserie chicken and a beautiful cheesecake! I would show you the cheesecake, but then you'd all know that I've eaten half of it since Tuesday night! Thanks, Sweetie! It was a great birthday and ignore what my sisters say, I'm not 50 yet!!

Well, that's the news from here. The weather is starting to get nice enough to work outside. I found a leak in the raised bed sprinkler system, so I get to make repairs again, just like last year. Hope your spring is shaping up nicely!


barefoot gardener said...


Do I sound impressed? I am trying. Hehe.

Just kidding, darlin'. I am so proud of you for working so hard at school! Not to mention jealous that it is warm enough where you are at to be working outside....

Anyway...have a great week!

Celticspirit said...

Hello back to you! Way to go on getting it all done, school and your pantry. That reminds me my pantry is a mess. But what's the point? The cleanness only lasts a couple of days and then it's messy again.

MarmiteToasty said...

Dam and bugger...... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES..... or did i do them already?.... Im loosing me mind lol...... my folder will be like yours by the second week in April LMFAO....... what the hell are we doing :)

We are still having the most wonderful spring like weather here, and today was just beautiful... I made a start on emptying our huge shed with is crammed full to the rafters with 'stuff' mostly boxes upon boxes of toys and equipment from when I use to own me pre-school a few years ago.... mice had nibbled some of the open boxes but the rest seem ok, so have been doing ebaying all evening lol..... instead of studying lmfao...

Tidied me 'tiny in comparison to yours' garden and have a new gate ready to fix so that the chickens are penned down the bottom half of me garden now the nippers can get out in the garden, so no chicken poo this end lol well I will relent and let them up this end at the weekends :) oh and the evenings, oh and when I aint got nippers on certain days..... dam, why did I waste $80 on a lovely new little gate when Im gonna be skint in a few weeks lmfao

HAPPY spring and you had super birthday pressies..... birthday hugs....

x said...

Well, happy late birthday! Sounds like hubby out did himself. Cheese cake is the perfect birthday cake!

Pearl said...

hi there! i found your blog through ree's, and thought you were too cute to not comment!

wow that anatomy binder is.... huge. :)

Pearl said...

btw - happy belated bday :D

Lisa said...

Thanks gals for sounding so impressed, and wishing me happy birthday!

Welcome to Penny and Pearl! Thanks for stopping by. Don't be strangers!

MarmiteToasty said...

Oye - dont forget to charge them newbies Pearl and basic (whos blob I read for over an hour last night lol) a joining fee, what what you did to us when we stumbled through the door here, so you two newbies that will be $20 each payable to marmitetoasty :) treasurer lol


Lisa said...

Now Marmy! It's hard enough to get anyone interested in reading my drivel without you hitting them up for money too! I only charged you a fee cus yer so special!