Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At home science experiment

Even though I am on Spring Break from school, I wanted to share an earth shattering, real life application of a science principle that I was tortured with recently. Specifically, Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, something I'm sure all of you can quote chapter and verse.


Okay, Isaac Newton, very dead scientist of the falling apple fame, proposed the following law:

Every object in the universe is attracted to every other object with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distances between them.

If you want to calculate this force (you know you do!) this is the formula:


Everyone following so far?? Aren't you happy that you didn't have to do all the friggin calculations this thing requires?? So, why am I sharing the pain of this law?

Here is my "ah ha" moment:

I have now proved this theory in my own home. Specifically, if there is even one cup, dish, plate or utensil in or near the kitchen sink, other dirty items start to pile up nearby.

Without fail.

Even if the dishwasher is in the process of being loaded.

Even if I am the only person in the house at the time. I would say it is magic, but Newton figured it all out eons ago.

This same law applies to dirty clothes on the floor, mail that needs attention, and most definitely, to dust bunnies.

I'm sure if you look around your own homes, you could find more example of this reality. Guess that's why it's called a "universal" law, huh?

Just wanted you to see that I can actually apply my new education to real life! My science professor would be so proud! Money well spent, don't you think?


barefoot gardener said...

ROFLMAO! Oh, this is so perfect. My favorite is when I am loading the dishwasher and dirty dishes mysteriously appear (unrinsed!) in the sink while my back is turned.

And folks wonder why I am a little nutty....

MarmiteToasty said...

Shaking me head at the reality of it all LOL