Saturday, March 14, 2009

Out with a whimper

It's hard to hold your head up in the driving rain!

My spring break, that is. Only time will tell how the month of March decides to leave us! I had great plans. Honest.

I was going to be productive. I was going to be creative. I was going to be homemakerly (that's a word!) and organized. What I was NOT going to be was useless slug of human flesh, pinballing her way through the day, getting virtually nothing (useful) done.

But that is exactly what happened!

I never threw my studio doors open to the spring sunshine, cranked up the music and spent the day sewing something fun. Of course, that plan was torpedoed by the decided lack of sunshine.

I did organize one pantry but not the other (maybe today??) I thoroughly cleaned the bathroom, including mopping it. AND wet dusted the bedroom! (Get MIL the smelling salts!) I did try a few new recipes, and while none were awful, none were stellar either.

I got a bit of homework done so I will be ready for class next week. I studied the 206 bones in the human body, pretty much know where they are and what the articulate to (fancy science word for connect.) I am rather bored with my next paper on the history of magnetism.

And while we avoided the predicted ice storm the other day, it has rained and been very cold for days. I planted potatoes in banana boxes, but I forgot to put on their swimmies, so I hope they don't drown!

I bought more metal ring parts to surround the fruit trees. I starting installing them, but the ground was too hard. If I were a real woman, I would be out there in the cold driving rain, pounding them in. I am not a real woman!

I started seeds indoors. The broccoli and cabbages look okay, but it may already be too late to get them in the garden and have them develop anything.

The rest are looking a bit sad and slow to wake up. They don't like the weather either, even with heating pads under them. but they still have time.

I will say that I excelled at 2 PC games and am working on a third. Impressive, no? Guess my brain needed some different stimulation, but what I really need is some sunshine and gentle breezes. Like now!! But the only way I'm going to get any is while peering at it through the schoolroom window.

Bring out the sunshine and my mood will brighten too! I promise!


MarmiteToasty said...

Hate to say it but the ring around the tree that you did manage to be a real woman about, well, the tree aint central LMFAO

I have the blahs to..... everything is piling up once again on my shoulders and everyone is piling more on, irrespective of if I want it there or not....... Im ready for meltdown and that aint nuffin to do with snow....


Lisa said...

Not to worry, Marmy, cus the ring isn't hammered in yet! I will straighten it out before I do.

Sorry you are blah-y. I have high hopes that you will have a glorious spring and sunny summer!! And it will be here soon!

barefoot gardener said...

What is it about having a few days off? We all start out thinking that we are going to accomplish so much, and then before you know it the time is up and it's back to the same old routine?

I think it is a special kind of time warp that only occurs during weekends and vacations. Kinda like the one that happens any time you enter a Walmart or other big box-y type store....ya think?

vegas angie said...

Lisa, all is well at the ABC over here. And in your honor, I had a tasty turkey sandwich on nine-grain!!

vegas angie said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LISA!!! I hope you have a fabulous birthday and Studly dotes on you all day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, You smell like a monkey and (well you know how the rest goes)...

Much Younger (and more mature) Sis

To quote you, "bahhahahaha"