Friday, February 15, 2013

For Karen

Karen was wondering what I did with these shoe stretchers that I bought in September.

The project I mentioned working on (and hoping wouldn't be too weird!)  was a photo holder.

This is the third one I have made.  The first two sold pretty quickly!

I used Mod Podge to glue a vintage shoe ad to a piece of aged wood (from behind my shed) and rusted the shoe tree with vinegar and salt.  I mounted the shoe tree to the wood and curled the spiral photo holders from rebar wire. 

I don't know WHY I made this, but the idea wouldn't leave me alone until I did.  I guess it's not too weird for other people, thank goodness!

Headboard bench

Well, it may be a new year, but it's the same old me!  Too busy lazy tired to keep up with the posts. My bad, sorry, and all that! Forgive me?

One of the the things I have been working on is converting random headboards into a bench. I've actually had a bed set in the garage for a while that is intended for a makeover, but was too afraid to pull the trigger on cutting the footboard in two!

Then, while out junking with LaVon, owner of the shop I sell my things in, I came upon this twin headboard:

I loved the white and yellow scheme and the cute flowers painted in the center. It just had to become a bench!  A few days later, I found another, larger, headboard that had the same kind on routing detail as the first one! Of course, I forgot to take a picture of it before I chopped it up, but you can see a piece being used as an "arm" of the bench:

I framed out the seat with 2 x 4s in my garage, since the rain wouldn't go away no matter how loud I sang!  (P.S.  There will be no criticizing of the condition of my garage.  I ain't got no time for "cleaning" my workspace!)

I finished the seat and filled all the endless slots and holes in the headboards.  Endless, I say!

Now it was time to paint!  (Doo-di-doo...waiting for a non-rainy day. )

Finally!  I covered the flower detail that I wanted to keep, and went to town with the glossy spray paint.  I learned something along the way:  I should have painted the seat before attaching it to the back to avoid having to repaint where I over-sprayed the yellow.

Oops!  Now I over-sprayed the white onto the seat!  Cr*p!  Get out the yellow paint again.

Finally, the majority of the painting was done, but I wanted to add back in the yellow detail in the routing.

Another night in the garage, and the job was done!  I hauled the sweet bench to the store yesterday, which was the first sunny day in a long while.   I unloaded it from the truck and parked it in front of the shop where people could see it as the drove over the bridge.

LaVon and I fretted about where the bench would live at night, since there was no room in my booth for it.  We shouldn't have worried, since it sold 5 hours after I placed it in the sunshine!

Now to make another one!

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