Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blah, blah, blah

Don't EVEN mention how much I suck at blogging...k?  I go through phases where I just have nothing interesting to say.  Ask Stud Muffin.  He always asks me what I did during the day while he's working.  Lately, all I can say is "nothing very interesting."

I have had some luck out junking, so that's something.  Things keep finding me and stuff keeps being given to me for free!  (Thanks, Dana, for all the fabric and pants and chandelier and .... I'll try and do something useful with them!)

Here's a smidge tiny part sample of what I've found lately.

My local Goodwill throws all of the kitchen tools into a bin and for $5 you can fill a plastic bag with whatever you want.  Lately, I have been lucky enough to find silver-plate eating utensils.  Eight knives of one pattern turned out to be worth $5 each! 

The peacock Fiestaware bowl isn't old, but it's still cool!  I found a cup and saucer (in two different places in the store!) of another Fiesta blue for $1 total and gave it to Dana (of the garage sale gifts) since she collects that color.  I left it on her front porch with a gardenia in the cup for her to find when she got off of the night shift at the hospital.  I like to think it brightened her morning (cuz she told me it did!)

Gotta love the vintage glassware!  An Anchor Hocking refrigerator dish, 2 black and pink diamond "rocks" glasses, a pink elephant juice glass and an unidentified pink/white/aqua (!) large glass.  I also found a Corning stove-top coffee pot with perfect starburst graphics.

There are two pairs of these 1950's shoe trees.  One pair is already involved in a project (that I hope works out the way I envision it.)

I loved the framed Christmas cross-stitch  and was compelled to rescue it.  The pink framed prints are so sweet, I might just leave them as they are.  Or I might take the prints out and do something with the frames.  Hey!  I'm steadfast in my convictions!

Some of my finds have made it my Etsy shop and I've sold a number of them, like this vintage Pan Am carry-on bag,

2 framed chalkboards that I made (okay, I painted the glass with chalkboard paint.  I didn't a.c.t.u.a.l.l.y make the frames),

and this cute "upcycled" footstool that was brown, nasty and falling apart when I found it.

 So, I am on the lookout for new "old" stuff to put in my online shop or incorporate into my little projects.  I have plans to make some signs, which gives me the excuse to get a new toy serious business tool.

Ta. Da! A Silhouette Cameo cutting machine!  I know it doesn't look like anything other than a printer, but this baby connects to your computer and cuts pretty much anything you can design out of paper, cardstock, vinyl, and even thin sheet metal!  I'm not that computer savvy, so the learning curve is still pretty steep.  But, I cut my first design today and am excited to see how it all works out.

Stay tuned!

(Just don't hold your breath.  I cannot be held responsible for any blue faces or deaths caused by my bad blogging routine!)


Kelly said...

Oh good, you're like me!! I'm now trying my darndest to blog at least twice a week, but...ya know...yeah.

You must have some sort of internal magnet for cool junkin' stuff. I never seem to come out of there with anything worth its weight (although I did find a couple pairs of pants the other day...w00t!!). That footstool is ADORBS. I am usually a natural wood girl, but I love everything about it (super-love the fabric!).

karen said...

I stumbled on your blog about an hour ago and I'm still reading. I relate to much of what you say and I like the way you say it. I love a sense of humor mingled with inspiration. So thanks for sparking some ideas for me. Can't help but wonder what you did with those shoe stretchers though. I have some wooden ones and for the life of me can't think of a thing.

Lisa said...

Thanks Karen! I will post a picture of what I did with the shoe stretchers!