Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Break!!

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The weather is beautiful (at least for now) and I have some time. Yes, folks, it's Spring Break!! That glorious beacon of light during the spring semester of school, when students want to drop everything and let loose.

Okay, so I won't be going here,

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and I won't be doing this,

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but I plan on enjoying myself nonetheless!

Of course, since I received my AARP invite my activities will be more sedate, but there will still be some good times.

I plan on playing with mulch, fondling my little seedlings, goofing on the computer, and generally kicking back.

I also plan on catching up with all the reading I am behind on for school. It's actually a good plan since I have my next exam right after break ends. On my birthday. You know, the big 5-0. It should be one of the privileges of the elderly NOT to have an exam on the day they lose their youth! Maybe I will speak to the school about that. And hit them with my cane.

And when this week is all over, I will have my baby daughter in hand to cuddle and admonish for growing up too soon. Then we will go out to lunch.

Do I know how to par-tay or what?


vegas angie said...

College girls gone wild!! I think you should head on down to Ft Lauderdale and raise some hell, Lisa. Call me if you want company! Glad to hear all is well with school and baby daughter will be visiting soon. I was up in Reno this past weekend and they had nice weather after some pretty good snow storms this winter. As for me, I'm in my countdown to the baseball season. I'm even going to Chicago for the White Sox opener on April 5. Should be cold and miserable but hey, what the hell. I haven't been to an opener since high school so it's time I go back.

Celticspirit said...

The big 5-0? AARP? Don't go buy yourself a walker yet with a little bag attatched to it for your knitting needles. Go skydiving instead! Wouldn't that be an awesome 50th birthday gift? ;)~

Thomas said...

Enjoy your spring break! Hopefully you will find the time to consume a cocktail or two! It's always nice to have a break from the realities of practical life.

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