Monday, February 28, 2011

Storm Warning

As I sit here under YET ANOTHER tornado warning, I thought I'd post pictures from the storm that blew through the other day.

The rain came in violent bursts throughout the day, and blew in directions I didn't think possible! And there went some of the mulch I worked so hard last spring to lay down.

Oh! Here it all is!

The strawberry bed I had just thinned and weeded got torn apart, ripping the hoops out of the soil.

From the house, I couldn't see the row cover, but it was hanging on by one corner.

Luckily, the plastic I put down behind the orchard to kill off grass and weeds for a new bed was still place.

The dogs and I spent time in the storm shelter a couple of times that day. Poor Nick threw up in there during the afternoon session, so I had the pleasure of sitting in a steel box with 2 nervous dogs and vomit! There was lots of howling wind and cracking tree branches. There were two confirmed funnel clouds (tornadoes that don't touch down) just up the road from me. I know we got some wild wind, because there was dirt and leaves stuck to the sides of the house waaaay up high!

During a break in the weather, I took the dogs for a run on the property (well, they ran, I drove the buggy!) There wasn't as much damage as I expected, but part of my newly-smoothed road was rutted again!

Of course I can't fix it until the roads dry out plenty, and I'm not sure when THAT day will come. Tornado watches started again at 1:30 AM and will last until at least 9. I never did bother to sweep up the mulch on the drive and it seems that it wasn't necessary. Today's rain has washed the drive clean again! For the moment, the strawberry bed is still covered and I think I can still see the plastic behind the orchard.

I think I am over this winter!


barefoot gardener said...


fullfreezer said...

I hope it was at least fairly warm for your thunder storms. We had storms last night and it was only 29 degrees. I hate ice!!
I agree, I'm ready for warmer, calmer weather.
I'm glad you all came through the storms well.

Lisa said...

It's been freakishly warm, Judy! I think it was 73 degrees yesterday, but now it's only 49.