Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Just popping in to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! I am relaxing with Stud Muffin and the dogs, anticipating some snow today.

I know I have been kinda quiet absent around here. Just trying to decompress from the semester. Of course, they couldn't let us too relaxed, so they have already thrown a 9 chapter assignment at us to be turned in before the semester even starts.

But there is some good news! I interviewed for and was offered an internship in the Neurology department of the local teaching hospital. I am equally excited and terrified, considering the patients on this unit have had strokes, spinal injuries, brain tumor and the like. It will go a long way toward connecting up all the dots between classroom lectures and real-life nursing.

So I am taking advantage of what may be the last real "down time" I have for the next year to kick back, sit before the fire, read a few novels and just enjoying "being."

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday with family and friends, eaten some treats, and are getting ready for the New Year. Once the revelry is over, you may start your aneurysms! I will be there with the bedpan and clean sheets to help you out!

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Cheryl said...

Happy New Year too!