Monday, April 4, 2011

I get the hint!!

MIL has been whining (Yes! At her age, she still whines!) that my blog is boring. And she is right. I just haven't felt like there was anything blog-worthy going here. It rains every couple of days, no outdoor work, blah, blah, blah. Exciting stuff, huh?

Then last week, a trip was made to California to visit family and friends. I dutifully packed my camera, and then only took 1 picture on my first day there. See? Here is Stud Muffin enjoying soup in a bread bowl at the Boudin sourdough bakery.

In my defense, we spent all of our time buying art and decorating a friend's apartment and visiting with sick relatives. I did spend a whole day with my sister Christina and her man, but forgot the camera. (Yeah, I'm a loser!)

But now that I am home, I took pictures of some fabric I bought on my trip!

Two really cool fabrics from Ikea.

Another two from Joann's. I also got some silky soft bamboo crochet thread.

Today, we have suffered through one hell of a storm. The dogs and I spent over an hour in the shelter listening to the wind howl and the power go out. Once back out, I noticed how much yard crap was sticking to the sides of the house. All the way up to the roof! Sticks and leaves covered the driveway.

After the rain slowed to a deluge, I ventured out to check the at least the area around the house. First thing I noticed is a tree down in the orchard and a missing row cover from the lettuce bed.

As I proceeded towards the gate, I realized things were a bit more serious.

Oh well, the spring house needed to go anyway, but the cedar tree was still living! There are more trees down next to the shop building.

But THIS is a problem!

The entire (live) tree uprooted and was blocking the way to the gate and the world beyond! I drove the buggy around the fallen pine to investigate my neighbor's properties. Everyone had broken trees and roofing off.

(Might be hard to use the picnic table this way!)

I returned to the house for the chainsaw, cut up the road-blocking pine and used the tractor to haul away the parts lying on the drive. Thank God for having the right tools! Three and a half hours after the storm passed, the electricity came back on and my big-ass generator could shut down. Apparently, a pole and transformer came down blocking the highway near my house, and somebody ran it all over and left their bumper behind!

So there you have it. All the news that's fit to print. Let the whining cease!!


Anonymous said...

MIL (the whiner) here------Glad you have such an exciting life!!!!

Anonymous said...

S. Muffin here; well damn, I'm a good looking dude aren't I? Oh, and very modest too. Hey Lisa, let's get out there and get that stuff cleaned up will ya? What, you can't work in the dark???

barefoot gardener said...

your blog isn't boring! You're keeping it REAL, is all. Don't worry, babe, I got yer back....

Cheryl said...

What is a spring house and I want pictures of the storm shelter place you go and your dog likes to throw up in!