Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ta Da!

Things are starting to return to normal.

First of all, I FINALLY finished mulching along the driveway! I know!! The applause from you all is deafening! No, no! Oh stop, it wasn't all that impressive! Okay, so it WAS considering the sweltering weather we've been having.

Continuing around from the actual driveway,

I crawled around under the jumbo shrubs screening the car-wash area, spreading mulch, scaring frogs and dis-entangling my hair from the branches. Bald spots on my head won't be shown!

Eventually, the loads of mulch met up with the generator area. Whew!

And it's a good thing, too, because the poor mulch pile is just a little grease-spot of it's former self. Time to order more!

Can I just say that this particular project area seemed to take a couple of lifetimes to finish? Seriously! But I am very happy with how it looks and am ready to start tackling the rest of the backyard. I have weeds to whack, and dead plants to remove, before I can start digging in the new plants from my little private nursery.

I hope the plants will like their new home in the ground. They seem to have really taken to living under the tree and being watered by me. Each and every day. No matter how hot it is! Not that I'm complaining.

In other news, Courtney's car is finally repaired!

From this:

To this:

And since Courtney had my car for an additional week before she could retrieve hers, I spent the time detailing her Toyota Four-Wheel-Pig-Pen so she would no longer leave dust clouds behind when she drives. Highway Patrol was starting to complain about the car pile-ups in her blinding wake.

So I washed the exterior and I scrubbed the floor mats and interior. I polished windows and vacuumed the trunk. All the while, Stud Muffin was wondering who I was and what had happened to his wife!

And guess who is happy??

We both were so happy, we celebrated by eating at Red Robin and enjoying the free appetizer I got be signing up for their rewards card.

The only bad news in all of this? My car now looks like a Four-Wheel-Pig-Pen and I need to wash and scrub and vacuum and polish my own car. No matter how hot it is!


Anonymous said...

How great the yard looks--------you are to be congratulated!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you really forget how your car would look after a week with Cort? I lloved the picture of her with the onion rings. MIL

Lisa said...

I can't blame all of the car mess on Courtney. The bug guts are hers, since she had to make the long drive to St Louis and back, but I'm afraid the interior is all me!

Cheryl said...

I shall be dropping off my car and having an onion ring (and maybe a plant?)...