Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Doings and Goings-On

Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm a bad blogger. So y'all can come to my house to beat me up, and then maybe I'll have something to blog about. Deal?

A couple of weeks ago was the graduation of my nursing class. You know, the one I am no longer a part of? It was bittersweet, but I was so proud of my peeps. It is not a job I want to do, but I have personal experience of the hell they went through to get to this point. I couldn't be prouder of them if I had complete the program myself!

I'm pretty sure there was a uniform-burning party after graduation.

Usually, my role in this process is to let my friends bitch about assignments, occasionally quiz them on topics, and especially, talk them down from the ledge right before a test. But with finals, standardized tests and the all important exit exam looming, I decided something else was needed. So, I cooked.

The "exit exam" is a comprehensive test covering EVERYTHING you learned in the WHOLE program, plus stuff they never got around to teaching. It is required that you get a passing grade, or the school won't process the paperwork that qualifies you to take your license exam. Mega important! I figured bringing dinner for the night before the test was something I could do to help.

And so I trashed the kitchen and made mac-and-cheese and chicken enchiladas with Mexican rice.

It was fun, and I felt like I was contributing in a positive way. Usually, I just tell them I think they're crazy and that I'm decorating their rubber room at the asylum. This time, I fed them.

In the run-up to Christmas, I completed a bunch of jobs setting up displays and auditing gas stations. Sometimes on the same day, but not at the same time. Obviously.

Fascinating, huh?

And then Christmas was here and so were Courtney and Clint. Or C & C, as I call them behind their back(s). (Don't tell, k?) So, there was eating, and football watching and more eating. When we got tired of that, we went out. And ate. Oh, and saw a movie.

Today, Stud Muffin, C & C and I went and saw the new Mission Impossible movie. At a movie theater. Haven't done that in forever. Good movie! Then we tried to get into the Cheddar's restaurant at 2:30 PM, but not even a shoehorn and sticks of Oleo were going to squeeze us into a table. So we went to Chili's. And ate.

Clint is watching the TV above my head at the Chili's. I took another picture once he noticed what I was doing, but it was pretty blurry.

I think I'm detecting a theme in this blog post. Anyone else?

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angie g said...

Just wanted you to know I peaked in on the 'life of Lisa.' Sounds like you are staying busy. Drop me a line someday when you're bored.

Miss ya!!