Monday, July 20, 2009

For want of the right tools

My husband always says, you need the right tools for the job. This has afforded me many good years of purchasing all manner of devices to do ... well, whatever I was trying to do at the time. Todays job was removing the extraneous trees and branches that were standing between me and reliable internet service.

I have figured out why felling trees and chopping up limbs has been so hard for me since I moved out here to the sticks. (Get it? "Sticks"? Oh never mind!) I now realize it is because I don't have the "right" tools for the job. For the tall trees, for example, I need one of these:

For comparison, that's Studly (on the left) and the tree man supervising.

I need one so I can avoid knocking down (or blowing up) the propane tank and/or the satellite dish.

To get rid of the pesky branches, I need one of these!

Now I have a wood chipper, but this sucker makes mine look like it came out of a Cracker Jacks box!

I could also use some of these guys too. Makes my job a whole lot easier!

This guy was the "tree wrassler," lassoing the soon-to-be-mulch tree to direct its fall. Handy when you don't want it to take out your fence.

Or your propane tank (thingy with the red cover.) Have I mentioned that the trees were really near the highly-explosive propane tank?

Between the guys and the chipper, entire trees were sucked into the chipper, ground into bits and spit into the forest!

Been working on the vegetable garden, tidying and harvesting, but I will leave that for another post. So I will leave you with more gratuitous photos of ...

Nick, and



MarmiteToasty said...

Deforestation LOL......

When I found meself on me own, I didnt even have so much as a hammer or spanner or anything, so I bought meself a tool bag, and everytime I was out shopping with me matie, I would wander down the tool aisle and pick random things up, not even knowing what they were and Id say...... should I buy one of these for me bag..... it use to drive me maties mad LOL..... I eventually gathered over the years hammers and screwdrivers and bits and bobs, but sometimes I would pick up things such as huge tools like routers and engine hoists LOL and say, do you think I should get one of these for me bag :)..... they ignore me now and just let me get on with it :)


Lisa said...

So which new tool do you fancy? The large truck with the bucket, the tree-eating chipper, or the guys with no shirts??