Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BBQ Festival

The weekend before last, Stud Muffin and I went to our county BBQ festival. We went on Saturday morning, so we missed most of the entertainment, but saw what was really important....carnival food! They had blocked off Main Street, so we walked around a bit, popped in to some vendor booths, said hi to a few folks and ate.

Some of you movie buffs might recognize the county courthouse. It was used in the movie "Walking Tall". That's all I know about it.

Even though it was morning, they were already frying some apple pies and churning ice cream. I don't think I've ever seen an ice cream churn run by a John Deere engine before! Gotta love the county! Why crank it yourself, when you have a tractor engine handy? I can always go for a dessert maker you can tow behind your truck!

As we ate our pies and ice cream, we watched the dog show on the courthouse front lawn. I did take some pictures, but they were too fuzzy (or someone walked in front as I clicked!) so you'll have to imagine. Dogs of all sizes, from giant to microscopic were paraded around in groups and ribbons were awarded. They had a category for "Best Dressed". One little doggie had on a Tennessee Vols cheerleading outfit. Kinda disturbing!

Too bad we were around for the Prettiest Pig contest. I'm sure that was a hoot! They had a whole spread in the local newspaper last week, showing pictures of the little kids who entered the tractor pull (lawn tractor, I think) and our County Clerk winning the pig calling contest for the umpteeth year in a row. The fire department was a big hit with it's fire truck. I wonder if our friend Rick brought his personal fire truck and sprayed people with his hook-and-ladder equipment?

All in all, it was a fun way to spend a few minutes eating enjoying a warm fall morning and admiring our sophistication. I mean, where else can you get this?

The other side of the booth advertised deep fried Twinkies too! The newspaper made fun of it all with a cartoon of a booth selling deep fried butter. I wouldn't put it past them around here. We'll deep fry just about anything!

Unfortunately, when we went to get actual BBQ ribs and chicken, the ribs weren't going to be ready for a while yet. So what if it was before noon! They had maybe 6 huge smoker-BBQs running. You'd think a few ribs wouldn't be too much to add (to my waistline.)

So, we left without the ribs and chicken, but had fun anyway! It wasn't as big or fancy as festival in other counties, but it was local and sweet, and makes you appreciate small town living!


Cheryl said...

Not to be the nutrition police but "we ate our pies and ice cream" and then they didn't have BBQ chicken and ribs ready yet because it was before noon...

I guess that is like having a beer before 10AM in Mexico because it is happy hour somewhere in the world! :-)


debbie said...

Go to the Texas state fair. They DO have deep fried butter. Seriously!

MarmiteToasty said...

The dressing up of dogs disturbs me greatly lol whats with that?

and oh my gagging at the thought of oreo biscuits deep friend......... our village chippy does deep fried mars bars in batter....gagging

sounds like a lovely way to spend an Autumn morning though.....TAKE ME NEXT TIME..