Saturday, June 25, 2011


Work continues around the homestead, with periods of berry picking, hanging out, and eating Popsicles. The bugs aren't eating Popsicles, though, they have made their appearance in the garden.

We had a couple of rainy days that kept me indoors and not doing the usual veggie inspection. Next thing I knew...

naked tomato plants!! And the hunt was on for the elusive and destructive tomato hornworm!

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This bugger is nearly invisible against the green leaves, but can strip a plant overnight and grow to the size of your finger. You can tell you have hornworms before the damage is too obvious the poop they leave behind. The bigger the poop, the bigger the worm. (Aren't you glad to know all about worm poop?)

All is not lost, though. Most of the plants, well the ones that didn't drown in the storms, have set at least some fruit, so I'll still get tomatoes. In fact...

My first ripening mater of the season! I can't wait to eat this with the basil that I nearly forgot to plant planted very late.

Another pest that has dared to show itself is the Japanese beetle on the grape vines.

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At least this bug isn't as disgusting looking, but a rather pretty iridescent green. Don't get me wrong! It's still a nasty bug, but it doesn't make me hop around and squeal like a little girl as much as those icky hornworms! And look what it's doing to my grapes.

Remember these little grapes from early Spring? Yeah, they're all gone...*Sniff*.

I had some beetle traps from last year, but needed new lures to convince the bugs to fly into the bags. At first, I had trouble locating replacements, but yesterday I found some. And did they cost plenty! Who knew that pads with alluring bug sex-smell could be so expensive! Hope the beetles enjoy themselves on the way to their death.

So now that you have heard all about worm poop and beetle pheromones, let's talk landscaping. I finally got the long bed in front of the garden fences re-mulched.

Canine frog inspectors.

Time to clean up the generator area. I embarrassed to show you the "before" picture, but it's not like I wasn't busting myself replanting and mulching elsewhere! So here goes (don't judge me!)

I can't show an "after" shot yet, because I only got halfway finished before the string on the trimmer broke. And then it rained. And then I got lazy. So I'm not finished. But I got this far!

Other than that, I've been picking wild blackberries just about every other day. Yesterday, I got 2 more quarts after picking 1 1/2 quarts two days before! This has been the very best year for berries since we moved here! I already have a full gallon freezer bag and have started another. I see LOTS of smoothies this fall!

And for those of you who don't follow Facebook, Nicky was caught eating something yesterday while I was mowing. I tried to out wait him, knowing he would eventually barf, but he waited until he was napping on my bed. Then, without even getting down from the bed, he leaned over the side and horked up the remains of a small rabbit.

He is not my best friend.

I may have to move.

Have a nice morning!


Cheryl said...

Eew, eww, and ewww or however you spell that...Reminds me of the scene in GWTW when they are trying to revive Tara and their crops get infested...Aren't you glad I compare you to Vivien Leigh?


Celticspirit said...

It's really a shame that the bugs are eating your plants. Hope you get it under control.

Those blackberries sure do look good. They cost so much in the least are lucky to get them free. :)