Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A successful weekend!

Well, we managed to salvage our girl's weekend, after a rough start. I think everyone had fun...I know I did!

We did lots of things and went lots of places. I won't go into all of it, but here's some hints:

There was shopping.

There I am in the background, taking the picture with my phone!

Gotta get shoes!

There was eating.

And, most definitely, there was goofing off and acting silly!

Courtney looks tortured even though she picked the hat!

Work it! Woooork it!

And just to tie the weekend together, after I returned from dropping Liz off at the airport, I took the dogs out for a run. No sooner did we get going when Nick came shooting out of the trees, with his ears pinned back and looking scared.

Then I noticed something else running behind him. It was a deer chasing Nick up the road right towards me!! I couldn't have been more surprised if a band of bunnies was tearing after him!

Sassy came to the rescue and pursued the deer back into the woods, with Nick's help so he could regain his man-dog-hood. I'm wondering if word is out in the forest on what went down with Courtney's car and the headless deer!

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