Monday, June 2, 2008

It's amazing!!

It's amazing what one guy and a bulldozer can do in a day!!

My guy Lance started today, all by himself, and worked a very long day repairing my washed out road.

Remember, this was the road in March.

Notice how narrow the road is and how high the side walls are.

See the straw bale?

The road continued to erode since then.

Here's the same straw bale seen from the other direction.

And this is today, after Lance waved his magic wand (or dozer blade, as the case be!)

Look how wide it is!!

This side wall hasn't been cut down, it's been filled up to!

This is where the dirt came from to fill in the road, from the left side of the first picture up top.

He even started moving dirt to fill in the missing creek crossing!

Can you tell how excited I am??


Anonymous said...

Yo farmer girl,that road looks very wide, where did he out the dirt?

Lisa said...

The dirt to fill in the old road came from the left side bank. Lance cut the bank down, removed the trees (firewood!) and moved the dirt into the roadbed. Check out the first picture and see where the buggy was resting against the left bank. All gone now!

Celticspirit said...

It looks so much better! I bet you are very thankful to Lance.

Lisa said...

BArb~ Thankful and broke!!

Penny said...

Hooray!!!! Now you can get your lawnmower out(since you are a bonfide farmgirl) and ride up and down your road all you want! So you're saying he charged thousands for one full day of work? Hum...I think I need to learn how to move some earth!!

pink-petal-designs said...

wow, that looks great i can see why you are excited, looks like there was loads of hard work involved.
Sarah x

Lisa said...

Penny~ This was just the first of 4 or 5 days work to come! Also, about 6 large dump trucks full of rock and Chirp (small gravel with lots of dusty fine material to pack like concrete) have come down the drive.

But, yes, if we all could have the experience this guy does, we could make some good money! of course we would also need a bull dozer, trac-hoe, and tractor to finish the job!

I'll be posting pictures of the thousands of dollars worth of culverts he brought in later!

SigmaKappaGirl said...

Yay! I'm so glad your road is getting back to normal! I miss you and love you! Only 36 days until you come to visit me!

Not Quite Grown.

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! A new road! It's looking great. Now here's a riddle....why did the snake cross the road? Or DO snakes cross your road LOL! I would have been freaking out over a snake too, you poor thing. I came around the corner the other day and there was a little squirrel in my path -- at first I thought I'd run over him, but I hadn't -- he seemed to be injured and was trying to get to a tree. I had to get big gloves out and move him -- I think he got better 'cause he left later that afternoon.