Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random thoughts

This is for The Barefoot Gardener who commented that she was jealous on the post about making strawberry jam. I'm assuming it was the jam she was jealous of, and not the peas, but you never know.

Anyway, I made some fresh sourdoughish bread the other day to go with my 3/4 jar of jam that I put in the fridge.

Of course, I couldn't wait for the butter to melt on the just-from-the-oven hot bread!


And I'm embarrassed to say that half of the first loaf and almost all of the 3/4 jar of jam are now gone! Oh, those naughty doggies!


I know everyone is quite tired of the tale of my road, so here is the swan song. Although I haven't yet received the bill, Lance called and told me the amount. I was so prepared (and scared) that he was going to say that he needed extra rock, or something and that it was going to cost $20,000, so I had a hard time wrapping my mind (and ears) around his country twang telling me that it came in under $14,000!

If I wasn't convinced that he is as honest as the day is long, I would have suspected that he over-quoted just to look like a hero at the end! It almost seems like a bargain now. Almost.


And finally, my goodies are just about finished for Pink Petal Design's kitchen swap.

This is just a little tease for my partner, Marcia. So, dearie, do you want them now, or should I wait closer to the 20th to send them?


Penny said...

Hi Lisa, your jam and bread look heavenly this morning. I'm just sitting here thinking about what I will eat for breakfast and now I'm almost convinced what it shall be (although my bread and jam will not homemade ;() I cannot wait to see what you have made for Marcia!

MarmiteToasty said...

Yum, now Im hungry lol...... love the little plate ......

Thinking ming over there dont have the same meaning lmfao...... if you wrapped your ming around the road blokie I think your hubby would have something to say about it LMFAO........ miss you.......gonna try and do the rounds over then next few days, well sprinkled amongs hospital appointments lol


Lisa said...

Alright, Marmy! I fixed the typo... as if you're one to type! i don't wrap nuffin around nobody but the Stud, don't you know!

Hope things go better this time at the hospital! I got my MRI this morning and hope to ge3t the results at tomorrow's appointment! Then I'm packing my bag to join you at the nut house!! Wheeee!

Marcia said...

Hi! I hope you are feeling better.
I'm so excited for the kitchen swap. I have part of yours done, but will be a few days late getting it in the mail. I'm afraid I got excited about the new baby in the family and put everything else on the side to start knitting for her. It will be there though by the end of the month.