Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Road Days 2 & 3

Day two of the new road brought some very expensive metal culverts. Some to replace old, undersized ones,

Largest of the old culverts.

and some to create new water diversions to preserve the road in the future.

New culvert ready at the first creek crossing.

Ever see $1800 worth of culvert? For one pipe? Here's your chance!

To replace the culvert that caused a lot of this damage!

AG checked for the titanium cladding (it's gotta be there!) and tried to steal it, since it's worth so dang much! Forget driving the bull dozer, I should be making these suckers and then I'd be rich!

Day Three brought more changes. Remember this (missing) creek crossing?

Last March's surprise!

Look at it now!

I can drive across it!!

Work will continue tomorrow.

The equipment "yard"

As AG and I were returning to the house, we heard the rumble of some heavy machinery. At 6 PM, yet another delivery of rock!

Pull over AG! They will run you down!

I am digging this new road!

In other news, AG goes home to Reno tomorrow, but before she leaves, she helped me make a duct tape dress form so I can sew myself some clothes that fit!

Edit: Since even Stud Muffin couldn't figure this out, I will state that this is NOT my dress form! Think more padding, less noticeable hip bones, bigger lady lumps!

Photo by Raggedy Anne, Wachoo Wachoo Tribe Peacmaker!

I only wish my dummy looked this good. But if you think, I'm going to show you pictures of me dressed up like Potato Head Barbie in a suit of duct tape armor, hah! You got another thing coming!! Actually, we were so caught up in wrapping me up in miles of sticky silver tape FOR TWO HOURS, we forgot to take any pictures!

'Night all!


MarmiteToasty said...

Hey you...... Im back, sorta kinda LOL... aint ' titanium ' like what superman uses for his powers :)... see that drain tube thing, when I was a kid they was redoing the roads where I lived, the tubes were much smaller and we would crawl into them.... and when it rained we would all get in them and make it our den (these were stacked on the side of the road) I was about 8ish.... I sat inside one it was very tiny and I bend me knees up which wedged in the tube and locked LOL..... there was no way come hell or high water I could get out LMFAO.... they had to get the fire brigade :) - shame I was way to young to enjoy the company of those hunkie fireman.... ps.... they broke me leg trying to unwedge me LMFAO....

Oh darling the dress is just, just, well 'just' LMFAO....


Marcia said...

Wow! That's a HUGE job. Looks like you've been busy.
Love the dress form. As soon as I lose 40 pounds, I'll make one of those LOL!

Lisa said...

Marmy~ I don't think Superman got his power from titanium, rather whatever it was was probably in the tight little costume knickers!!

Why am I not surprised that you would get yourself stuck in a drain pipe? And the firemen broke your leg?!? I just knew they were at fault from your current problems! I tried to send you a hunkie one or two, but I don't have your snail mail addy (Hint Hint!)

Marcia~ Thank goodness I don't have to actually build the road myself! My job is limited to controlling myself when I write that reeeeaallly big check at the end of it all!

Yeah, I wish I could wait to lose those 40 pounds before making the dummy, too, but Almost Grown was only here so long and, well, I need some clothes BECAUSE of the 40 pounds! That picture is not mine... I got it off the internet!

barefoot gardener said...

I have always wanted to do one of those dress forms....but not being a sewer, it wouldn't make much sense. Besides, do I really want to be able to see what shape this body is in? Not really....

Celticspirit said...

Neat dress form. I've seen those on what Wardrobe Makeover website. I've always wondered how you get it off after you tape yourself up. I could see myself making one of those and getting stuck in it. I know one thing, I'd sure need a lot of duct tape!

Lisa said...

Barb~ One of the reasons I waited so long to make one of these forms, is it is definitely a two person job. There is no way to see what you are doing after the first few pieces, and then, you need somebody to cut you out of it from the back! I was going to ask my friend Deb to do it, but she doesn't have the hand strength to get me out!!