Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh quit yer whining!

Marmy's vacation shed still has flowers blooming.

OMG! All the carrying on about how I never post! I told you all that I was boring... didn't you get that memo?!?

Even Marmy has gotten into the act and threatened that she would continue to leave comments full of twaddle if I don't say something new soon!

So now you all have to hear about the coma-inducing scintillating events of my life on the farm!

First off, have I mentioned how hot it is these days?? The kind of hot where all the windows are fogged up with condensation at 2 AM when you take the dogs out for a potty break? And you break a sweat waiting for them to do their thing? And that you have to let the hose run forever until the water isn't boiling anymore? Okay, I guess we have established that it is wicked-witch-melting weather out here.

The mulch pile is pretty much the same as it was.

Freshly dumped.


Hard to believe that I have moved about 10 cart loads and spread the mulch in the flower beds, and the pile still looks the same! With the heat rising so early in the morning, it is taking a lot longer than I thought!

This is the plan: First I put down a layer of cardboard I have swiped from Sam's Club on a regular basis. Hopefully, this will keep the weeds and grass out of the beds a bit better. If not, future archeologists with think I sure used a lot of Playtex, cole slaw, and frozen onion rings!

Oops, ran out of cardboard!

Then I haul the mulch, drag the cart over the rock dry bed, shove it up over the metal edging, and dump it out. Then get on my hands and knees and fling the mulch around until the cardboard is hidden, the bugs have run away and my cleavage is full of shredded wood.

Lookin good!

When the sweat has soaked my clothes, and is dripping into my sunglasses, I call it a day outside. Okay, the sweat isn't dripping from my clothes into my glasses! That would be gross! And I'm not a contortionist!

Once I cool down and take a shower or two, I work in my studio. Lately, I have been working on a few gifts for some friends. here's just a little peek:

A little crocheting.

A little sewing.

That's all you get to see until they are safely sent off.

When Stud Muffin was home a few weekends ago, we attempted to deal with an ornery beaver that has set up housekeeping in the creek.

Ingenious little bugger builds to last!

Normally, "dam-busters" would call on their friend Rick to blow the damn dam up with dynamite, but this one is too close to the wooden bridge. So we used the next best thing... a shot gun. Well, Studly did. I plugged my ears (hard to do while taking pictures!) and shrieked like a little boy as we got showered with beaver creek water!

Studly doing the deed.

Moderate success was had, but without "getting" the beaver himself, I can expect that he will have rebuilt the dam, with rebar and concrete next time, by the time I check on it again.

Studly wants you all to know that buffalos are regal animals. Don't ask. I'm checking into nursing homes for people with Old Timers disease, as we speak. See, I told you I was boring!

What else.

The garden is still producing, but have I mentioned that it's hot? Even the tomato plants are wilty and sunburned.

I have bottled (or canned if you're not Marmy) some tomatoes and made and bottled a bruschetta mixture that is quite tasty, if I do say so myself. And I do, which is great since I will be the only one eating it!!

I had to pull out the Thai Pink Egg tomatoes this morning. They were producing like mad, but the high heat and humidity have burned and started to ferment them! Walking past that bed was a cross between, "What is that smell?!?" and "Hoo, I think I'm getting high!" So, out they went.

The apples are still appling! I bit one (it bit me first, Mom!) and it was tasty! Can't wait for fall when I can pick 'em all!

So there you have it. Incredibly interesting and exciting happenings from Feet First Farm. Oh, and lots of aerobic reclining and ice cream eating.

Next up, deep philosophical discussions and political commentary! Stay tuned!


MarmiteToasty said...

love it love it love it :) all of it ...

When we was kids we use to scrump apples from peoples gardens, I dont think with the laws nowadays that kids do that, I think now it might be called stealing LOL....anyways, old miserable MrCrook had the most wonderful apple tree and plum tree in his garden and we would often scrump from his garden, one day we sneaked in but instead of nicking a few apples I thought it would be funny to leave the apples on the tree BUT hold the apples carefully so they didnt come off the branch and munch around the apples, leaving just the cores all hanging on the tree LOL I remember it took us hours to get all the apples we could reach, but oh my, the tree was just the funniest ever....... wish I had a camera back then.... can you imagine kids doing that today, OR being the owner of a tree that kids had done it to LOL......

To walk out into ya garden to go pick a few apples to be staring at a tree with cores all hanging attached to the branches LOL....

((((lisa))) hugz...


Lisa said...

Marmy! You started yer naughty ways early in life, didn't ya??

That's a pretty neat trick leaving the cores hanging. Wish I had thought of it.

Now to go inspect my trees to see if you've been here!

Thimbleanna said...

Well, it looks like you're making progress on the mulch! You'll have to give us an update in a few months and let us know if the cardboard worked. Come to think of it, we have an area with sparse grass that we're thinking of mulching next year -- maybe cardboard would be just perfect to put over the grass so it doesn't come through the mulch! I know I shouldn't be, but I'm feeling just a twinge of pain for poor little beaver -- all that time building...

And please No! Don't go all political on us -- there are too many of those blogs out there already!

ciara said...

i came by way of marmy's. you are very talented...crocheting, sewing, bottling, gardening, etc. i do a lot of things and most of them not very well i might add LOL

Lisa said...

Welcome Ciara! Don't let this post fool you. Most of my efforts are seriously messed up!

Marmy made me do this post! She really keeps me on my toes!

You have so many blogs!! How do you keep up with them all??

Slip said...

The "All Knowing and Powerful Marmie" has sent me here. Love your garden efforts and it is good to see you putting in stores for the winter!

I use a lot of cardboard and paper feed bags in my beds and they will be gone the next year.

MarmiteToasty said...

Slip. I use clean sheets and soft fluffy duvets and pillows in my beds LMFAO..... blimey you doodles sleep funny LOL

And on that note, I only came down at this time of night (almost 2 in the morning) to top up on painkillers, so I must away to me snuggly bed LOL


Lisa said...

Anna~ Don't worry about me going political on ya! I don't have any thoughts on that anyway!!

Slip ~ Welcome! And ignore Marmy when she comes over here to snipe at my visitors. She's just jealous that I have a select few instead of entire populations visiting!

Marmy ~ You daft cow! You be careful that you don't crawl back to bed among the mulch and muck! I know how you get on yer meds!

Celticspirit said...

What are those neat little things that you crocheted and sewed? They look cute whatever they are.

I can't believe that your hubby shot at the beaver damn! I bet is scared those beavers like crazy and they will probably never return! In SC we had beavers build a damn in the creek between our property and the neighbors. The made the creek overflow and the neighbors driveway which was a steep hill was destroyed and had to be rebuilt costing big $$$$$ I'm sure.