Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back from Reno

Well, I made my trip to Reno to visit my darling daughters. I went and now I'm back. You know, no matter how nice it is to travel or take a vacation, nothing beats coming "home" again!

Unfortunately, the trip wasn't as much fun as planned, due to some adjustment issues the girls are having with living and working together. This growing up stuff is hard, and I mean for the parents! Let alone for the kid(s) involved.

So there aren't too many pictures from the trip, but I promised to torture the kids at work, so I did try to do that much.

Almost Grown starts work at the animal clinic very early. Not Quite Grown had the day off. She isn't a morning person, can you tell?

She felt better after some lunch!

Then we talked on the phone. I don't remember where we were, possibly the tire store (some shopping we did!)

Then we got our eyebrows done!

The technician asked NQG how old she was. The lady thought she was 16! She is actually 20, but will appreciate looking younger when she's much older!

My turn. Yeah, not a great picture of me, but then, there is no such thing. The Girls look enormous, but at least I have TWO eyebrows!!

Another day, and I snuck a picture of Almost Grown at work.

It's hard to sneak up on NQG, but I tried.

The girl's are bringing their lunches and walking to work (well, AG is) to save money and take better care of themselves.

And here they both are!

So I went, I saw, we talked and visited. We worked on a few issues and had some laughs. I miss my girls and wish they could come home more often. Did I mention that this growing up stuff is hard on me??

I got home to find a package waiting for me from Akhila as part of her Pay It Forward.

Handmade linen potholders!

Check out the embroidery!

I finished my Pay It Forward a while ago, and frankly, had forgotten that I hadn't received her package! I love random surprises, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Mommy come back!!!! I miss you :(

Penny said...

Welcome home Lisa! Glad you had a great trip!

Akhila's Handblog said...

Looks like you enjoyed your stay with your girls.
Thanks for your sweet words and appreciation for your PIF present.
Have a great rest of the summer.