Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pay It Forward Revealed

So by now all my victims for the Pay It Forward Handmade should have received my humble offerings. I know that Penny from Sew Take A Hike got hers, because she wrote a cute post about it.

I thought I would show you what I sent. All received an upcycled shopping tote, a covered notebook, and a knitted Eggman, so named by Penny, which contained a chocolate egg.


Shannon's (from Cotton Gin Studio)

Chris from Tutti Chic

A trio of Eggman (and eggwoman!)

What else has been going on?? Well, today started with a bang as a(nother) thunderstorm rolled through starting at 4:30 AM and apparently struck the local electric substation. Thank God for our mega generator that keeps us running even when the power goes out! The lightning also fried the telephones and when I called AT&T, the repair line said they could get it fixed by Tuesday! Stud Muffin, at work, correctly diagnosed the problem as being in his office cordless handset. After I disconnected that phone, I could get dial tone on the other phones! Yeah!

Oh, and it hasn't stopped raining all day... and will tomorrow too. Assuming I could get down the mud road, I wonder how much more of the road has fallen into the creek and washed away.

I have been trying to tidy up my studio a bit and tending to my plants. These are pictures from Friday.

And these are photos from last week!

The last frost can't come too soon for them!

But all is not lost in the garden. Here is a salad I made last night from lettuce and spinach I grew in the raised beds, topped with a shredded carrot I grew too!

Add a little balsamic vinaigrette... yum!


Katy said...

I just came by from Penny's blog - I love the gifts she received, where oh where did you get that eggman pattern? My kids would love those!

Lisa said...

Hi Katy and welcome to my blog! I found the patterns for the Eggmen and other really fun stuff at And they were free too!!

Thimbleanna said...

Great PIF's Lisa -- what lucky recipients!!!

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

I love the eggmen (and woman!), they are just too cute! Hopefully your road didn't get any (or too much worse).

That looked like a great salad!

Catty Ax Lady said...

I was wondering how you and your road were faring during this onslaught of rain we've been having (I just assumed you were getting most of what we've gotten).

I saw Penny's PIF stuffs and thought all 3 of the items were just adorable (I really like the bag!). Such a talented woman, you are!

Your plants are lookin' goooood! C'mon, last frost...those babies need room to grow!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the lovely comments on my PIF creations!

I've never done a swap or anything, so I was very nervous about how my gifts would go over. The eggmen were kind of an afterthought, because it was close to Easter and I needed a little something more in the boxes. Plus, it gave me an excuse to eat chocolate egg rejects once I found the right size to go into the men!

The weather report is dismal for the rest of the week. Only one day where they don't think there will be thunderstorms and rain. Hope I have some road left!

Penny said...

Wow Lisa, your plants look like they belong in a nursery! They look sooooo healthy. I am so honored to have been in your pif, you did a great job with ALL the goodies you mailed to all of us! I love the color combos you chose. (that retro purple/aqua bag you sent to Shannon is the BOMB!)

Penny said...

just thought of this, you should sell those pillowcase totes in your shop! You apparently have some fab pillowcases to choose from!

Lisa said...

Thanks Penny! I might sew some tote to put in the *shop.* I haven't so far (except the boy's one) because it seemed such a trivial thing to list.

As for the plants, is it sad that I am up at 11 PM worried about my little babies since I have them on the covered porch overnight hardening off? I need to get a life!

Celticspirit said...

All the stuff you made for your pay it forward thing look awesome. Great job! Your plants look very healthy and ready for the garden. Yummy looking salad!Isn't it rewarding eating something you totally grew yourself?