Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another great day!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here on the farm. Today was no exception. Sorry to all my frozen friends up North, but Spring will get to you too! The weather was so nice, I set my little seedlings (now properly called "plants") out for a little shade bath on the porch of the studio.

Spaghetti squash, cucumbers and tomatoes on the floor.

More tomato plants, cabbages, and peppers on the elephant bed, guarded by wooden chickens.

Close-up of chicken guarding the cabbages, peppers, tomatoes, oh! And Swiss Chard hiding behind the chicken's *behind*!

I planted six different varieties of heirloom tomatoes, but I think I have too many plants! I never expected all of them to germinate!

I worked on installing some metal edging to *try* to keep the grass from invading the shrubs, and after about an hour, the shade bath time was up. Gotta move slowly with little plants! They got some breezes to strengthen their stems and more full spectrum light so their move into the garden won't kill them. Then back into the studio under their lights, while I worked on my Pay It Forward goodies. Bet you guys thought I forgot all about that, huh? Soon.

Before returning to the house, I took a walk to get the mail. Boy, am I glad I did! My package from Julie at Red Hen Studios arrived stuffed full of neat things! I won a give-away she had over at her blog. And, yes, Julie is the same great gal who tagged me yesterday! Lookie here!

There's a handmade tote with a great embroidered hankie top, a framed birthday card (perfect since my birthday is on Monday!) a Mary Englebreit book, some handmade note cards featuring Julie's own photography, a colorful notice of her upcoming show, and this...

I can't believe she could part with this dainty apron with hankies on the bottom, even to someone as deserving as me (*wink*.)
It is so soft and sheer and I love the way it flutters in the breeze. I mentioned my breeze, didn't I?

So I want to thank Julie, very, very much for all the wonderful things! I can't get over your generosity!


Anonymous said...

Mommy got pretty goodies!!! Your plants look nice too! How talented you are :) I love you!

Not Quite Grown

shannon said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! Your seedlings look drop dead gorgeous...inspiring for this northern farmer who hates everything but direct seeding...too cold, too hot, too bright, too shady, row cover, no row cover, paper mulch, no paper mulch..the most frustrating part of my season is hardening off baby plants...our springs are just so unpredictable!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Awww, how awesome that you got a little gift bag like that! I'm digging that apron...special!

And I have one thing to say about your plants: I'm JEALOUS! However, I got your seeds yesterday!! I was so excited to get that envelope! I haven't ordered my pots yet, but they'll be the first things in when I get them :) Thank you so much again for sending them.

letitiah said...

six different kinds of tomatoes -- i'm so jealous!

Celticspirit said...

Happy birthday blogger sister! I hope it's an awesome one.

Those plants of yours look better than any that I've seen in any plant nurseries. I see you planted spaghetti squash and that's my favorite of all time. Yummy.

The gifts you won are so pretty, especially that gorgeous apron.

Love and Light, Barb

Penny said...

Happy early birthday Lisa, hope it's filled with the best things you can imagine. Love your loot from Julie, I tried to get her to send it to me, but she's a smart one! She cannot be fooled!
Those chickens are pretty cool too. Do they really work?

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the early birthday love! At my advanced age, it is just another day, so no big plans. Stud Muffin wanted to know what he could get me, so I told him I thought I was going to order a tiller and that could be my gift! Seriously, I want for nothing, so gifts for the property are perfect!

Barb ~ thanks for the nice comments on my little plants. I've never done this before, but must say I am quite plant-proud! Wish I could figure out where to sell my extras!!

Julie said...

You are very welcome. And happy belated birthday. And to think I almost omitted the framed postcard because it was birthday-themed.

What is your secret with seedlings? Every time I try to start them indoors, I'm disappointed. We do best by just scattering seeds in the garden and seeing what "sticks."

Lisa said...

Julie ~ This is the first time I've tried starting seeds inside. I use those little peat pots that puff up when up water them, and had those plastic greenhouse boxes to help with germination. I also bought seeds from 2 organic online seed places, Baker Creek, and I forget the other. I never expected all the seeds would germinate, but almost all of them did!

Other than that, I just baby them and keep them under cheapie shop lights! I want to get them in the ground, though, 'cause they are getting big!