Monday, March 10, 2008

Saving the Buggy

Remember when I said that we had to abandoned the Bad Boy Buggy after the snow storm? Well, we decided we needed to save it before any more wet weather came our way. So, I went to the local Co-op and bought 4 bales of straw to fill in the eroding road bed. I felt like I was driving a parade float around town with my bales sprinkling bits of straw like confetti wherever I went!

We had to leave the buggy when the road eroded so much that we couldn't keep all four wheels on firm ground going up hill.

One of many erosion spots.

Roadway has shrunk to about 3 feet wide here.

Stud Muffin considering the problem.

First bale in, providing stability for Stud Muffin to drive over the hole.

Additional bales in other cave-ins.

This is where the buggy was originally parked. Even more bales here.

This is only a stop-gap measure, until we can get someone out to help us re-engineer the road and we get in some really big truck loads of rock!

And since I know how interested you all are in food (still), I made some more bread this morning.

I used my sourdough starter that I have been nurturing for a week or so now. It smells very "sour", but mostly it tastes like good fresh bread! But so good with butter!! Want a slice?


Penny said...

Hi Lisa,
I have always wanted to try some sourdough bread at home but just have never gotten around to it. Yours looks really good (esp. with the butter!)

Anonymous said...

I want homemade sourdough bread and butter... can you Fedex me some?!?!

Almost Grown

Lisa said...

Penny~ I wish mine ends up tasting more like San Francisco sourdough, but at least it makes a yeasty dough that will rise. I will keep working on it!

DG ~ I put a few slices in an envelope, but the butter keeps soaking through! Had to eat them myself! We have more things to talk about. Call your mother!

letitiah said...

sourdough! drool on the keyboard ...

Celticspirit said...

Glad to see you saved the Bad Boy! I just love how you name all your vehicles, very cute.
Mmmm.....that bread looks yummy. I'll have to get back to bread making one of these days.

Catty Ax Lady said...

Well, at least lie to me and tell me you used a bread machine?!?!? I feel so inferior (as I bow to you, oh Great Bread Baker).

Glad you got the buggy out. That's some mud!!

Lisa said...

Okay (lying) I used a bread machine. Not really, but I did use my Kitchen Aid to do most of the work! Then it was a matter of putting in the oven with the light on to rise, remembering to take it out, oops, out of time, put it the refrigerator to rise again overnight, then baking it the next day. I have the ugliest loaves in the world, and they all pretty much taste the same, but hey... I'm learning!

I'm more like a Goofy Bread Mangler!

Julie said...

Did you plan the post with the shape of the hay bales and bread in mind? LOL

BTW, you've been tagged! Check my blog for the rules. Thanks!

Lisa said...

No, Julie, I didn't plan the bales and bread together! Guess I'm just a *square*!