Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a little garden clean up will get you

After planting beets this afternoon, I decided to thin the carrots, that I planted in the fall, a bit. And looky!

Wait! You need a better perspective!

The different sizes and shapes are due to my flinging the remnants of a bunch of carrot packets into the garden!

Needless to say, I don't know what's for dinner tonight, but at least for me, there will be carrots!

But let me back up a little on my day. I started by planting 3 varieties of peas (yeah, I'm thinkin' of you, Toni!) I watered everything by carrying a watering can full over from my studio. Repeatedly. See, I didn't *quite* get the ball valve closed this winter, and a sprinkler shattered. Until I get the PVC replaced, no water at the garden. *Sigh*

Then I needed to run some errands including getting the gas cans filled with fresh gas for all those gardening tools. I also needed to mail the last of my Pay It Forward Handmade boxes, and since I was heading that way, I called Stud Muffin to see if he wanted me to bring him a pulled pork sandwich from the Barbeque Man. Funny thing was, he was on his way to the very same place to get sandwiches for all the guys at work! Oh, and I forgot that the little post office out that way is only open on Saturdays from 7 AM to 9:15 AM!

After lunch with the Muffin, I stopped by the R & J Feed store to see what kinds of seed potatoes they might have (none) and bought 2 bunches of Tennessee Beauty strawberry plants instead. I will plant them after I use my new tiller on the spot I have yet to determine!

The red bowl they are soaking in was a happy coincidence, but they look great!

R & J also had new little chicks and ducklings to tempt a farmer girl, but I resisted. Who says I have no willpower! Now, if they had been chocolate....

I stopped in to my studio when I got home, to look at a project I've been working on. And I think I need your advice. If you haven't blown it all on my name-the-tiller question, I present the latest apron.

A delightful combination of alternating panels of blue flowers and blue/green/purple striped fabric. My question is, do you like it as is or perhaps with a pocket, or like this

with a blue fingertip towel attached?

Of course, there is a matching tote bag:

Well, it will be a tote once I sew on the handles!

I scored big the other day at a thrift store and got a bunch of the hard-to-find fingertip towels,

plus some larger hand towels that I think might work on these aprons.

And since I was in the studio, and I don't have any pictures of food to include, I just knew you wanted to see how the plants are doing this weekend!

Supposedly, our last frost date is April 15, and I really know I started these too early! They are starting to take over the joint! I have vague thoughts of the Little Shop of Horrors plant swallowing me whole one of these days!

Happy Easter everyone!!


Thimbleanna said...

Ok, so I'm confused? Do those carrots grow over the winter???? Don't they freeze? I like the apron with the towel, but I like it without the towel. Maybe some buttons so you can easily attach and remove the towel. I love the idea of having that towel handy -- I'm always searching for my towel when I'm in the kitchen cooking.

Anonymous said...

I think the apron looks good with the towel... that way you won't ruin the color of the fabric by wiping your hands on that. If that makes any sense... Meow! I love you, Mommy!!

Almost Grown

Felicia said...

What a fun post full of plants and sewing goodness :)

Lisa said...

Yes, those carrots grew over the winter. I planted them in maybe Sept/Oct timeframe and put up a fabric row cover to keep the worse of the frost off. They grew until it got really cold, but didn't think they were still working under the ground! They don't freeze, but the frost makes them sweeter!

I like the idea of buttons to make the towel removable!

Thanks Almost Grown! I love you too!

Welcome, Felicia!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Hhmmm, I really like the towel on the apron, but I really like having pockets too. So I'm absolutely no help at all :P

Please please please keep posting pictures of your plants!! It'll keep me thinking and reading about gardening while it's SNOWING here (yeah, you read that right, snow...and it's sticking). In fact, how about a straight shot of the sun so I can get a little light therapy a gal out!

Happy Easter to you and yours...may it be blessed!

Lisa said...

Wow, your plants look amazing!