Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm sure of it... it's snow for real!

It's hard to hula like this!

There can be no doubt now! This is snow people!

End of the driveway.

Nick likes it very much.

Frozen garden beds.

See Nick in the background leaping?

We took the Bad Boy Buggy out to see the property. Getting in, this is what I saw.

I never thought to market these as snowball holders!!

The roads were covered in snow with squishy mud underneath.

High road to the back property.

Lower field that I just dragged. Stud Muffin will have to take my word for it!

We were cold, so decided not to drive up the high road to the back of the property. On the way back to the house, the buggy refused to climb it's way out of a ditch on our eroding dirt roadbed! And so it is stuck in the ditch (parked carefully on the side of the road, if you ask Stud Muffin) until it dries out enough to bring down some straw bales to fill the ditches.

A long walk home, uphill, in the snow. Note to self: Wear warmer shoes than sneakers when tromping through the snow before breakfast!

On the good side, Stud Muffin has the day off! And he braved the elements to take me to a rummage sale I wanted to go to. We were some of the first people to show up, but there wasn't much there that I wanted. So, we have a free day, to bum around the house! Yeah!


Catty Ax Lady said...

Oh, I'm so jealous...a husband that will go to a rummage sale with you??? You're one of the lucky ones!

My list is already a mile long today, and what do I sit doing? Readong blogs, of course. i'd better get my tail movin' if I'm going to get any of this done. But first, to go to the seed website and place my order!! I'm so excited :) :) :) :)

Penny said...

It was 55 degrees here yesterday in Colorado! I think we must have traded weather for a day. I'm sure we still have snow coming a couple more times though since we usually get the most snow in March. How did your lettuce fair?

Lisa said...

Kelly~ My DH is the best! He takes me to garage sales, rummage sales, anywhere I want and patiently waits until I'm completely done wandering around! Sometimes, he even suggests it!

Penny ~ I'm not sure how the lettuces are, but not doubt they are fine. The row covers are still frozen so I haven't been able to peek underneath. But, today will be in the mid 50's so maybe later. i did pick some of the lettuce just before it snowed, and although some of it is a bit bitter, it is crunchy and fresh!