Friday, March 21, 2008

Senior citizen for the day or at least the morning

So today was the day I was told to come down to the local Sears store and get my tiller. They were on sale with an additional 10% off for seniors. So that's what I am today! Well, at least as long as it took me to buy the tiller!

Isn't it purdy?

I also hooked up the trailer to my truck by myself, drove over to the store and hauled the baby home! A first for me!

Just as nice from the back!

Ed Plunk (yes, that's the owner's name!) told me that in exchange for the 10% discount, I must bring in excess vegetables that this tiller helps produce. Ah, living in a small town.

One last look. It will never be this clean again!

So now I need a name for this baby! I already have Kubota Jane the tractor, Steve the shed ('s a pretty name!), the Big Rolling Turd and I have named various cars in my life. We want the tiller to feel welcome, don't we? So, everyone, make a suggestion and I will pick one out. Might be a random pick, might be the one I like best!

My "senior moment" over, I hauled all the seedlings out for some fresh air while I worked on draining the water tank in the Turd. It is 75 degrees today and a perfect time to do this job. I drained the tank that had been sitting overnight with a bleach solution in it, and refilled it, ran water through all the faucets, the shower and the toilet, and only got myself a little bit wet in the process. The dogs *helped* by chasing each other around and tossing toys at me.

I also planted some Swiss Chard in the raised beds and put my peas in to soak until tomorrow.

Ran some errands in town (I use the term loosely!) like taking a load to the dump, and mailing the tax return (money back, yeah!) and came home to do some sewing in my studio. But, sewing was a hard chore today for some reason, and when the steam iron ran out of water and popped it's safety valve with an enormous hiss, I decided to stop for the day.

I am now sitting with my feet up, drinking an iced cappuccino and contemplating a nap. But, I probably won't take one. The weed eater is calling and telling me to knock down the grass growing against the trees in the backyard. There was mention of a Chia Pet, so you know it must be bad!!


Tutti Chic said...

I'm SO jealous of your new tiller! Wish I had one to get the beds ready for summer planting! I just emailed you my address Lisa-sorry I forgot to do this on monday! thanks for visiting today & have a wonderful easter~:) chris

shannon said...

How about Minnie? We take the renting a giant, enormous industrial tiller route lately - for 100 bucks, we get two separate weekends of work out of it, and someone else to do the maintenance, lol.

Anonymous said...

MIL here----how about the obvious--TILLY????

Thimbleanna said...

MIL beat me to it! I'm thinking Tilly is the only choice!!!

shannon said...

Hey Lisa - the farmer's market is where we sell 99% of our farm products from May-October - we sell about 60 dozen eggs a week, honey from our bees, and as many organic veggies as we can grow...this amount increases every year, but we're pretty much at our chicken limit since it's just the two of us. I sold tote bags at the market last year, but stopped since the market board was selling their own to raise ad money for the market. I don't think quilts will be much of a conflict of to see if they will sell! If not I'll have baby gifts for a good long while!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa - How 'bout Talouleh?