Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just add water

Nothing really excited going on here, just a bit of this and that.

The weather has been so weird lately, with a 70 degree day followed by a 30 degree day with snow! What the..? My spring bulbs are up, but wearing little mulch sweaters.

Snow on the driveway.

My poor lettuce, covered with a frozen row cover.

The dogs don't seem to notice the snow, especially when they have new squeaky toys to play with. We actually only bought one orange octopus toy (and a new frisbee for Sassy) but major arguments broke out over the octopus, so I had to go to town today to get another one! Nick still spends most of his time chasing Sassy down for her toy. He must think they are all his!

No snow today, just sunshine and new toys!

Hard to photograph running dogs.

Sassy wants someone to throw the toy so she can chase it.

Nick, he just wants to be left alone to squeak his toy (and squeak, and squeak, and...)

I have done the dust buffalo roundup, washed some laundry and hung some on the clothesline, and waded through the dirty dishes. You know, one major drawback to not eating out as much as we used to, is that the freakin' dishes dirty themselves and refuse to load and unload themselves from the magic dishwashing machine!

And then, it was time to work in my studio. There has been some sewing, but I won't bore you with that today (wink, wink.)

My little seedlings are growing like crazy. Just add water (and a bit of worm poop too!) I have been repotting some of the earliest tomatoes and cucumbers, and finally had to set up another rack to hold them.

New rack awaiting more transplants.

Aren't they pretty? There's another shelf that wouldn't fit in the shot, too!

Even the Mexican Sour Gherkins have finally sprouted! I had my doubts about those guys, since not a single seed had sprouted before everything else had. All is well now.

All I need is for the weather to settle down and stick with the warmer sunnier days. Then I can get some of these plants into the ground outside! I am really looking forward to this season, since almost everything I am growing is new to me.

So, I am off to do my sunny weather dance out on the squishy grass, shaking my gardening gloves like pompoms, and making up ridiculous cheers. Have a good afternoon, everyone!


Anonymous said...

How quickly they forget!!!!!!!!!it's not so much that you have MORE dishes, but you used to have two young "slavies" to help. Oh how sweet and bitter it is to have "empty nest syndrome. (heheheheheheh!!!!!)MIL luvs ya!

Lisa said...

Actually, it's both! More dishes from cooking and eating at home, and no slaves to take care of the mess! DIL loves you too!

Celticspirit said...

Your two dogs are lucky to have such a good Mama. I'm thinking they are a tad bit spoiled?
Your plants look great. I didn't know you could plant stuff outside this early either. It sounds like you're going to have a great garden.

Anonymous said...

My babies!!!!!! I love my puppies :) And you of course!

Not Quite Grown

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, I am so dad-blasted jealous!
How beautifull your little seedlings are...

Catty Ax Lady said...

Ahhhh, seedlings. Just the slightest sight of green makes me giddy with springtime happiness!! We've still snow on the ground here, and one step off the cement in any direction results in wading up to our shins in mud. We were slated to get another 3-4 inches tonight/tomorrow, but I'm hoping they've changed their minds by now.

Lisa said...

Barb~ Yes, I have two very spoiled doggies! Blame it on Stud Muffin, he's sucker for them. You should see him share a lollipop with the two of them! They take turns!

Everyone~ I am so thrilled with my little seedlings! First time mother, you know. Glad they are still inside my studio though. We are supposed to get snow again and the wind has been very high this morning! I know I started them really early, but I just couldn't wait! Now I have to repot and raise the lights frequently. I haven't figured out what to do when I can't raise the lights any higher and the plants have grown up to meet them!

letitiah said...

love your little plants -- can't wait for spring to well and truly arrive!