Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shop Update!

I'm tired today. It has been a busy week and I'm feeling it. But I have gotten a few things done around here.

First up was waffles and bacon for breakfast. Since this is one of Stud Muffin's days off, it has become a habit to have this breakfast on Sundays. Then we drive to town for a Sunday newspaper. Then we goof off and perhaps take a nap. I haven't gotten the nap yet, but I did wash both dogs since it is in the 70's here today!

I finished my first pair of knitted socks! These buggers took me a while. I would put them down, then have to remember where I was, blah! The second sock got messed up at the toe end, but I just wanted to be done. Stud Muffin says if anyone was waiting for me to knit them socks, they would die of frostbite before I finished!

Nice dirt disguising brown socks!

And, I have added a few new things to my brand new Etsy shop. More to come!

Clothes pin bag from little boy's suit.

Sunday from Singapore to be written later on today. Like maybe after my nap!


Anonymous said...

I like your socks..... all my socks have holes in them :(

Not Quite Grown

Anonymous said...

Mommy, I want those socks! They look real nice and I bet they're warm too... perfect for the sleeping porch!! *hint hint*

Almost Grown

Lisa said...

I knew I could count on my children to like my lumpy socks! Thanks girls! Mommy loves you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but do I get the socks??

Almost Grown

Lisa said...

They are already on their way to you BUT you may not make snarky comments about the funky knitting!!

Julie said...

That clothespin bag is just too cute. I have a few of those outfits and it seems like someone asks me if I make clothespin bags at every craft show I do.

BTW, you won my 200th post give-away. I'm writing about it now. Come see what your goodies are and then email me your mailing address. If it doesn't ice here tomorrow, I'll be going to the post office

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks, Mom!! I'm real excited... and I promise no snarky comments on the funky knitting. Oh boy, socks!!