Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pay It Forward Victims List

Ha! Penny from SewTakeAHike, Tutti Chic, and Shannon from Cotton Gin Studio were all silly enough to want something handmade by me! *Giggle, snort.* Can you believe that?

I hope you girls aren't under the impression that I am a professional seamstress, knitterer, or anything else that doesn't involve eating copious quantities of chocolate. What you get will no doubt have that dorky handmade look, but it will be made with lurve!

Since it is likely that my own children will go without many handmade Christmas pressies, I hope you understand that it may be after the holidays before I can get *whatever* out to you. But hey! I have 365 days, right? That's like a whole year! Of course, my memory being what it is, I will strive to be timely with this.

So, now I need to see this PIF pop up on your blogs!

And, no, Almost Grown, you can't play! You don't have a blog!! Bwahahaha!


Celticspirit said...

The pay it forward handmade thing sounds fun. I wish I'd read your post earlier. I do hope you have fun with it!

Lisa said...

I still have room for one more, Barb! Wanna join??

pink-petal-designs said...

Soyy , did i mess it up, i saw you had three comments so though i was safe to leave one, sorry.
Sarah x

Shannon Martin said...

I want to play! You can make me a fryer basket.