Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday night into Sunday

It started out just fine! A nice warm Saturday afternoon, working in my studio with the door wide open. The dogs were cavorting in the yard outside. And then it was time for dinner. I locked up, called dogs... no dogs. Hummm.

Get the Bad Boy Buggy (it's really called that!) and started driving the property roads, calling doggies. No dogs. Drive up the hill, down the hill, over the bridge, through the woods (to grandmother's house we go... ) and come back up behind the shop. Nope, no dogs.

As I raced pell-mell down the drive, calling dogs, out they pop from the woods behind my studio. And Nick is wearing a light but grainy layer of mud on his legs and belly. Okay, clean up the dogs, checking all over for wounds, snake bites and missing appendages. Serve them dinner. As Sassy hoovers her food, Nick looks at dinner and then at me as if I have fed him rocks! Not good, but with no other menu choices he reluctantly eats with Sassy trolling like a shark behind him.

Both dogs lumber off to sleep with full bellies, with Nick occasionally groaning. I flip TV channels (DH is out of town and the remote is mine! All mine!!) Bedtime comes and out we go out for a last bathroom break. Well, not me! And off to sleep.

12:30AM and Nicks wants out. Put on heavy bathrobe and slippers, and stumble to the back door. Out everyone goes. Nick does all his business. So does Sassy. Back to bed.

2:30AM... Nick again, poking me and giving me a face full of hot doggie breath. Repeat with bathrobe and slippers, out to the back door. Nick does all his business as if he never has gone before. Who knows what Sassy did, I don't have my eyes open. Back to bed... again.

4:00AM... Nick wants breakfast! Jumps on the bed and roots around under my pillow with his snout, bouncing my head up and down. Bet you didn't know that's the universal dog sign for Feed Me Or I Will Wash Your Face And Pick Your Nose! Forget about the robe and slippers, just get the food. Back to bed yet again.

4:15 AM...Hear suspicious noises (thump, slurp, crunch, crunch.) Get out of bed to find Nick has gotten into the dog food bin and is helping himself to seconds on breakfast. Remind him I'm on my last nerve with no sleep. Return to bed after banging arm on the doorway in the dark. Yawn!

7:30AM. Nick and Sassy are well rested, fed and watered, so it must be time to play!

I don't know what Nick ate in the forest yesterday... acorns, squirrel snot, creek water or whatever, but I think this is going to be a long day!


Just back from the Walmart store where I bought lots of groceries. Apparently an argument took place between groceries in the back seat of the truck while I drove, and after some heckling from the frozen turkey, a jar of Prego flung itself to a violent death when I opened the door! It jumped right out of the bag, it did! Spaghetti sauce and broken glass everywhere. On the floor, on the cabinets, the garage door, and my just-washed jeans and (not just washed) shoes. Needless to say, i was very popular with the dogs when I came in the house!

Since Garage Marinara wasn't part of the plan today, I scooped and swabbed, washed and scrubbed. The dogs helped, by which I mean that Nick ran off to chase critters and Sassy threw toys at me when I stooped down to wash the floor, in between tries at licking my pants leg.

Yes, dear. I got it all off, using water and a bush-on-a-stick, a rag and some Windex. Also, paper towels and a dust pan, hand sanitizer and the washing machine. Sigh.

And to make matters worse, I think there is sauce on the underside of the truck, so I will smell like a pizza delivery van when I drive into town!

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