Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sister Time

My sister Christina came for a visit! She is buying some property near me and was here for the survey (and to hang with me, because, of course it's all about me.) This provided a good excuse to toodle about my property and enjoy the fallness. That's a real word, you know!

Water bubbling in the creek.

Forest ferns hanging on in the colder weather.

Poplar grove in all it's nakedness.

We went out to *her* property and she took off on the four-wheeler with the surveyor to see the boundaries and take pictures. She had her camera, so I didn't bring mine. Big mistake! Typical Christina, she forgot the memory card for her camera and had to delete pictures from the camera's internal memory. Long story short, I don't have any pictures of her property...yet.

However, I got the opportunity to embarrass her ( always a fun time) by picking a bug off her bust in front of the real estate agent and the seller, a big burly redneck. Actually, if I had stopped there I would have been okay, but since she gave me that older-sister shocked look, I *honked* her booby too! Covering quickly, I told her it was an old-time country greeting. This brought gales of giggles from the others present. Christina asked, if one honk was hello, was a double handed, double booby *honk* goodbye? I don't think she is very trusting of my advise on how to fit in with the locals!?

As usual, Christina came armed with sour dough bread and frou frou coffee for our enjoyment. Or maybe she's afraid she wouldn't get anything to eat when she's with me. I offered her felt doughnuts, but she didn't want any. I don't understand! She also brought jewelry making equipment to further my education.

This is my sister, Christina!

Today's lesson is in wire work.

Even with one on one help, I will never challenge her in the jewelry arena!

We were working in my studio, but the shrieking of the weather radio warning of dangerous thunderstorms chased us into the main house. In fact, I had just lit a fire in the stove in the studio when we left. After the storm passed and I returned to get some other tools, there was a cheery fire blazing away, all alone, in the darkened studio, with nobody to love and admire it. Poor fire!

Christina goes home tomorrow. But she is going to buy the property and I will require her to visit it occasionally. I will probably have to make up lies about the land *needing* her presence, but it will afford me more opportunities to teach her the ways of the country (wink, wink) and that's makes the lies okay...right?

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