Friday, November 16, 2007

Frost on the... Watermelon?

I woke up to another frosty morning in Tennessee. Thermometer said 30 degrees! Before I could take my sister to the airport, the dogs needed their morning run around the front yard. Everything was covered with thick frost, including Sassy's favorite frisbee.

Now, on a good day, when the stars are aligned and whatever else needs to happen, I really stink at throwing a frisbee. I have acres to aim for, but have had to retrieve it from the house roof using a ladder and a broom handle. Let me say, that freezing the floppy rubber disc should have made the chore easier, but alas... acres to aim for and I lob it into a tree.

I should also point out, that I am outside in this winter wonderland in my thin PJ's, a robe, and bedroom slippers (I know, I know! And I am seriously freezing various body parts off!) So, I am searching around for a stick (should have some of those on this property) and come upon a softball size watermelon that I had pitched into the woods when I cleaned up the raised beds. A few useless tosses later, and the frisbee is still in the tree.

But Nick has found a new *ball* and made off with the frozen watermelon!

Such a *boy* tossing and pouncing on his new toy!

A few more minutes of searching and I did find a long stick, retrieved the frisbee, thawed necessary body parts, and everyone lived happily ever after!

The End.


Walter Jeffries said...

You make me feel good! Assuming that is a normal size dog that is. This year I finally grew not one but actually two watermelons (Sugar Baby) that were about 12" in diameter. In the past all I've managed was about 3" so this is a big change. I did it by growing them in a place with a transparent roof over it so they got a bit of a green house effect. In the winter that is our pig farrowing area so there are plenty of nutrients in the soil.

Celticspirit said...

We all know you were aiming for the tree when you threw the watermelon right? We also know you were purposely growning mini watermelons so you did good!

Lisa said...

Haha! I admit it. I grew mini watermelons just in case I needed to launch them at frisbees stuck in trees (okay, that I got stuck there myself!) Ya caught me, Barb!

Penny said...

So now you will get to explore and find random watermelons all over your property next year, YAY, the saga continues!

letitiah said...

ack, frozen frisbee! did it crack?