Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What little I have done

It's been hot here for the last couple of weeks. I mean H.O.T. D*mn hot! Crotch-pot cookin' hot! Even worse, the humidity has been killer. Everyday for a week, the news people would say that the heat advisory had been extended ANOTHER day. It has become something of a joke around here.

So, basically, my days have entailed closing all the drapes, turning on the fans, and hiding out reading or playing a game on my computer. Not very motivated or motivating!

But here are a few things that have been going on:

1) Run outside at 3 AM with the dogs, realize that it is already 80 degrees, and run back inside.

2) Run outside to turn on the water in the ignored and neglected vegetable garden. Run back inside.

3) Turn off the water and hunt around to find any veggies that have grown in spite of my neglect.

4) Eat endless cucumber salads with (bought) tomatoes and feta cheese.

5) Start buying feta at Sam's Club in the jumbo economy tub.

6) Try to convince Stud Muffin that no-cook meals are the way to go. Succeed for breakfast and lunch. Give up and cook something quick for dinner.

7) Continue to wait (and hold breath) about program admission. (I'm turning blue here, folks!)

8) Investigate Plan B in case program admission is mysteriously withheld for incomprehensible and nonsensical reasons.

9) Start reading an out-dated ACT prep book in the event that Plan B must be activated, since I never took the test and it is a major requirement of Plan B.

Image by media.whooschools.org

10) Peer at Stud Muffin through the drapes as he moves furniture and de-molds and pressure washes the porches.

11) Pretend that I don't hear him when he asks if I "want" to help.

12) Hose off Naughty Nick when he returns for yet another adventure that ends with a submarine act in the creek.

Old photo! I assure you that I am NOT wearing long sleeves these days.

13) Rinse, and repeat the list the very next day.

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Ax Lady said...

At least it has *finally* cooled down here - how about there? Still warms up nicely in the afternoon, but not near as bad as it was.