Friday, January 29, 2010

Schoool's out for summer.....

Okay, not really, but it was closed today and will be again tomorrow for those with Saturday classes. I don't have class tomorrow, but would have had my first clinical experience at the hospital. Now I don't know when it will happen. The patients were spared for another day!

When I woke up this morning, it hadn't even rained, even though it was predicted that the winter weather would arrive between 3 and 5 AM. It started raining about 8 AM. That wouldn't have been a problem except Stud Muffin came down with the flu yesterday afternoon and it was much worse this morning. We HAD to go to the doctor.

(See the light bar in the window above the porch railing? That is where my seedlings are growing!)

By the time we got out of the clinic, the snow was thick on the ground and it made for a very scary trip home. The longest 10 mile drive of my life! In spite of the window defroster, the windshield iced up and I had to peer through bands of ice. I couldn't see the edge of the roadway and was worried that the tires would fall into the shoulder and we would end up in a ditch, or creek, or hay field. I am nothing if not resourceful, so I drove down the middle of the highway all the way home!! I say, screw the drivers coming in the other direction!! I'm a rebel that way.

The dogs think this is really neat, except that they can't find any toys in the yard.

I'm lookin', I'm lookin'...

A ball was finally located and lots of romping occurred accompanied by some good-natured arguing.

By the time we got home, the snow had drifted up against the garage doors. I had to drive up and over a big hump of ice and snow to park inside. So after I got Studly settled back in bed, I got out the tractor to try and "plow' the driveway. Not an easy task, at least not for me. Since the front bucket doesn't pivot like a snowplow, I had a heck of a time turning around and finding a place to dump snow. The box blade in back was handy, but again, with no place to exit the driveway to dump the contents, it quickly build up to the point of stopping the back tires! It took me about an hour, but I finally cleared most of the drive. Whew!

More freezing rain and snow coming tonight.

In sad news, my neighbor couldn't stop his truck in the snow storm and ran over his dog, Dixie, killing her. If any of you are experiencing this nasty weather, just stay home. It's nasty out there!


Cheryl said...

Ouch, ouch and ouch...Chicken soup for Studly and no plowing/driving unless the dogs are safely inside!


Elisabeth said...

I'm very sad :( Poor Miss Dixie. May her sweet little soul rest in peace. Please stay safe and keep my puppies inside. Only a few minutes out in the snow can cause frostbite on their feet, ears, and nose. I love you!

Celticspirit said...

How sad for your neighbor!

That's a lot of snow. I hope you didn't get too much freezing rain. Our city is a real mess.

MarmiteToasty said...

please please be careful out there....... so sad about poor Dixie, the chap must feel just aweful :(