Friday, February 5, 2010

Killed my first patient...

alright, maybe they were just neonatal plants, but still!

My only excuse is that school hasn't left me enough brain cells to remember to check on them everyday.

I have watered them, an some of the cabbages and celery have rebounded, but I fear the broccoli are DOA.

Then there was this

impeding my progress toward the building where the little guys were basking in their artificial light. Even after a solid night of rain, I still have thick snow on the ground and on Steve the Shed's roof! Go figure.

There is the possibility that it might snow again tonight, but nothing like the East Coast is experiencing. But I hope it doesn't cancel my "first" clinical again. Otherwise, I might have to pull 12 hour shifts in the hospital as a student in order to get my required hours in!!

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MarmiteToasty said...

look, stop moaning about the snow, you are only getting what we have had, and did you see us Brits moaning about the worse snow in over 50 years I DONT THINK SO :)