Sunday, February 21, 2010

A taste of Spring

Well, it didn't last long, but there was a whiff of Spring in the air today. And I took advantage of it! Doors and windows were thrown open, sheets were washed and then dried on the line in the breeze, and I finally got around to transplanting my surviving seedlings.

They were a little leggy and I probably should have done this a while ago, so I am hoping that they all survive this stage of their life in my rough and tumble hands.

It was so nice to take all of my potting stuff out onto the porch of my little studio and make a big mess. The dogs romped on the lawn, Sassy bringing me more toys to throw for her to chase. Nick had his own very important dog business to do, but he checked in frequently for a slurp of water and to sniff my transplants.

It is now thundering and going to rain buckets, but before it starts, I checked on the fruit trees. Ah ha! Another sign that spring is surely going to return someday!

The buds on the peach trees tell me that I better figure out what I need to spray on them to prevent the brown rot from getting all my fruit this year. Anybody have a product name I should look for?? The anti-brown rot spray?

On page 271 of the Mommy handbook, it says that we are supposed to share with our children and teach them to share in return. So I sent my snowy weather to my darling daughters, Almost Grown and Not Quite Grown, out in Reno. Now they are getting up to 29 inches of new snow. Of course, I shared my "stuff" while swiping a handful of theirs, so that's how I got a nice sunny day! You are welcome girls! Isn't sharing the best??

Oh! And a big Happy Birthday to MIL who is celebrating her 26th birthday for the third time!! Whoo hoo!


Liz said...

Dear Mother,

Now that I'm getting more grown up, I have decided that sharing is not caring after all. Please take back this nasty white crap you sent and give back my pretty sunshine. Decline at your own risk.

Not Quite Grown

Cheryl said...

Dear Sister,

Please send spring this direction. I just got the electric bill and am still cold...


Lisa said...

Dear you guys,

I have no pretty sunshine to send, nothing but gloom and sprinkles. I have sold a kidney to pay for heat, and am installing those SAD lights in every room of the house. The local police have an APB out on any signs of spring, and a shoot-to-kill order on winter and snow.

I am going to hold my breath until the sun comes out again. So, mrhrm mhrb mhmrmm!!

JCMurray said...

Daconil, for the peach trees, and tomatoes, and everything else that gets fungus and brown spots. get the concentrate, put in big spray tank, spray every week or two depending on the humidity. Spray as the buds are just starting to break.