Friday, February 19, 2010

In a fix

Not much but the usual going on around here. My MAC computer is on its last leg, won't "tab", goes dark unexpectedly, etc, but Stud Muffin came to the rescue with a new Sony Vaio. In Lipstick Red. Yum. But now I have to get use to a PC again, and it is taking some time!

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The snow has all melted and I'm hoping the ground dries out soon. I need to prune the fruits trees this month before they even think about budding again. Right now, it's all I can do to walk around outside without sinking into the mud.

Also on the fix it list is my hip bursitis. Unfortunately, this time it is in my left hip and not the usual right side. Studly had to drive me to school the other day because I couldn't get my leg into the car! I have now been harpooned with steroids and can stand up straighter, but I gotta tell ya. This growing old stuff is for the birds!!

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This is a photo of the actual syringe used by my doctor to treat hip bursitis. Do not try this at home!

Putting in another 8 hours of clinicals at the hospital tomorrow. Hopefully, I won't get another patient who tells me how I'm doing everything wrong! Really beats up on my confidence level!

Last week, I had a turn at the nursing home where I will finish out the semester after spring break. Luckily for me (but not the patient) my patient couldn't talk much and wasn't very aware of her surroundings. Nobody to complain about my technique. Of course, she also couldn't move at all and it took three of us to roll her from side to side. It also took me (and my partner) one and a half hours to bathe her. Still no complaints from the patient, but that is a story for another day!

See? Nothing much going on. The blogosphere is pretty quiet these days. so what's going on with you all?


Cheryl said...

You would be most interested in the fact that my diabolical scheme for your birthday has been formed (and reformed actually) and the plan is ready to be hatched...


(Did I just say that?)

Snow off and on here...Not enough to declare it a stay at home day but enough to think, "do I really want to go out today?"

The PW pizza dough rocks and is now a staple in this house. Have used it for pizza and calzone. You make it, toss it in the fridge and it is ready to go when you are...

Oh yes, probably not so much "go" left since your 50TH! birthday is fast approaching...Ha!


P.S. Google our childhood address and you will see one picture from the monstrosity that has replaced our home...

fullfreezer said...

Ooo, I won't tell about the upcoming birthday ;)
Not much here. We've still got snow. And it's snowing again. I would actually welcome mud! We haven't seen the ground since before Christmas!!!
I hope your hip feels better soon.

Lisa said...

Cheryl!! You evil, heartless not-very-much-younger sister!! Your turn will be next!

Glad your snow situation hasn't been as bad as years past. Mind the pizza dough, though. Wouldn't want you to look like a Weeble People!

Judy~ I appreciate your discretion! Unlike some sisters! I don't know what I'd do if I hadn't seen the ground (in whatever shape or viscosity) since Christmas! Do you live in one of those places that have 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad sledding??