Sunday, February 7, 2010

The shortest update you'll ever want

Just a brief note to update you on my first hospital clinical yesterday (finally!) All was well, I got over my high anxiety and got on with the business of the day. With 10 minutes left before I needed to be back in the classroom for a post-clinical conference, my day unravelled.

All I will say is that it involved a bed bath (given by me) some fecal incontinence (not me), cleaning it all up (me) and an NG tube, known to some as the "nose hose", falling out and on the ground (not me), which had to be reinserted (thankfully, not by or in me.)

Yes, that is all I will say. No, there will NOT be pictures.

You're welcome.

I need sedation!


MarmiteToasty said...



fullfreezer said...

Sounds like a typical day at a hospital! Don't worry! You got through it! Think of how much you learned.

Cheryl said...

Poor thing...You probably just want to go back to killing plants about now...


Lisa said...

Marmy ~ You're sick!! Just have one of your boys get totally pissed, sit on the side of the bed, then let loose from both ends... just as you're trying to get out of the house. Close enough!

Judy ~ Yep, I survived and I DID learn a lot. Going to have to gird my loins when I go back!

Cheryl ~ I thought I'd offer you the hospital job so I can improve on my gardening. What are you doing on Saturdays, and can you mop poo like a pro??

Cheryl said...

Only my own child's and thank goodness he has outgrown that...You are much tougher than me and I am sure wear your whites better too...

Liz said...'re gross! Stop playing with other people's poop...nasty!